Who is Aubree Bergmann? Bergmann, Jake, Ex-Wife of Nikki Fried, Former Fiance, and Net Worth

The most well-known connection to Aubree Bergmann is that she was Nikki Fried’s fianc√© and the ex-wife of Jake Bergmann, a well-known marijuana businessman with a base in Florida.

Jake and Nikki, who had been dating, announced their engagement in December 2019. The businessman attended his loving partner’s inauguration when the two were still dating.

Nikki was conceived on December 13, 1977, in Miami, Florida. She is an American politician and attorney. Since 2019, she has served as Florida’s 12th agriculture commissioner. She is a Democrat who graduated from the University of Florida.

An American lawyer has experience representing clients in foreclosure proceedings, representing businesses, and serving as a public defender. She has also gained notoriety as a lobbyist for Florida’s legal marijuana industry.

Regarding Nikki’s fiance’s personal life, few details are known. In 2021, he and Aubree’s first union fell apart. So, who is Jake’s ex-wife? Here is what is known about her, despite the fact that there are many rumors about her.

Jake Bergmann, if you could. Aubree Bergmann (ex-wife)

Aubree Bergmann was previously married to Jake Bergmann, the founder of a company that is one of Florida’s major medical marijuana suppliers.

The pair separated before filing for divorce in April 2019, almost ten years after getting married in August 2010. The former couple began divorce proceedings in Fulton County.

In June 2021, Jake and his ex-wife came to a divorce settlement. In the case’s verdict, the two received a total divorce. The Fulton County Superior Court received a settlement agreement that was made.

The precise terms of the settlement were not made available in public sources. The parties agreed to an equitable allocation of all marital assets, the reports claim. Jake decided to take on personal or shared liability for whatever credit card debt he racked up.

Jake also promised to defend Aubree from creditors who might try to seize her property in order to recoup debts by putting liens on it. Aubree agreed in the same manner. The couple also decided on a child support and custody schedule.

How Much Money Is Aubree Bergmann Worth?

Aubree Bergmann has maintained the privacy of all of her financial details, including her income and wealth.

Little is known about her other than the fact that she was the ex-wife of renowned marijuana businessman Jake Bergmann. She has a quiet life and prefers to keep her personal issues private.

Aubree and her ex-husband concurred that all of the assets from their marriage should be distributed equally. Jake is the state’s top supplier of medical marijuana, and as a result of his success in business, he has an incredible net worth.

Their union ended after Nikki Fried declared on June 1, 2021, that she would be running for governor of Florida in the 2022 election. The politician is competing against Charlie Crist, a former congressman from Florida and governor of that state.

Jake Bergmann’s personal life is being investigated by Nikki Fried’s partner.

Jake Bergmann married Aubree Bergmann in August 2010, and they divorced more than ten years later.

Although they were already separated, the divorce process in Fulton County started in April 2019. The divorce proceedings between Jake and Aubree were finalized in June 2021.

Children of Jake and Audrey Bergmann

Although the businessman hasn’t said much about them, Jake Bergmann and Aubre Bergmann have three sons together.

Following their divorce, the former couple decided on child custody and a child support plan. In June 2020, Jake and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried got into a heated disagreement over the phone.

The disagreement started because of a car accident that occurred in the hotel’s parking lot. Nikki rejects the security guard’s assertion that Bergamann shoved the congressman, but the security guard who witnessed the incident insists Bergamann threw a garbage can.

The businessman was led off the property by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, who also made an official record of the incident; no one was jailed. After the incident, Nikki fired multiple high-ranking employees who had criticized him and denied using physical violence.

The wedding date of Jake and Nikki hasn’t been made public, and they don’t have any children.