Bette Davis was an American actress who died on October 6, 1989. She lived for a period of 81 years. Bette married four times and had three children.

What Is Bette Davis’s Cause of Death?

In 1983, Bette had a mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She suffered slurred speech and paralysis on one side of her face and her left arm.

in 1989, she collapsed at the American Cinema Awards. It was later discovered that her cancer had returned. She died on October 6, 1989, at the American Hospital in Neuilly-Sur-Seine in France at age 81. She has gone to Spain for an award ceremony but her health failed during her return.

Bette Davis's Cause of Death
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Who Was Bette Davis?

Davis was an American actress. Her birth name was Ruth Elizabeth Davis. She was born on April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts. Her parents were Ruth Augusta and Harlow Moreell Davis. Bette is known to have a sister called Harriet.

 Following her parent’s divorce, she was sent to a boarding school called Crestalban in Lanesborough, Massachusetts in 1915. Three years later, she moved to New York City and enrolled in the Clarence White School of Photography, and later worked as a portrait photographer.

Who Were Bette Davis Ex-Husbands?

Bette Davis got married four times. She was married to Harmon Oscar Nelson​​(m. 1932; div. 1938)​, Arthur Farnsworth​​(m. 1940; died 1943), William Grant Sherry​​(m. 1945; div. 1950)​ , and Gary Merrill​​(m. 1950; div. 1960).

Bette Davis's Cause of Death

Who Are Bette Davis’s Children?

Bette had three children of which only one of them was biologically hers while the other two were adopted. Her biological daughter, Barbara Davis Hyman was fathered by William Grant Sherry. She adopted Margot and Micheal Merrill when she married Grant Merrill, her fourth husband. Grant later adopted Barbara as her daughter too.

What Was Bette Davis’s Net Worth?

At the time of her death, Davis was worth $2 million.


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