The cause of death of Betty Lynn is not known, but she was born Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn. She was an American actress, best known for playing Deputy Barney Fife’s love interest on the Andy Griffith Show.

She appeared in many movies during the 1940s and 1950s, including June Bride, Meet Me in Las Vegas, and the original Cheaper by the Dozen.

Her death in her sleep from an overdose of alcohol is also a mystery.

It is unknown what caused Betty Lynn to die, but she died of an undisclosed illness. Her cause of death is not known, but it is believed that she died of a long illness.

Regardless of the cause, her brief illness was not an easy one.

Sadly, her fans will forever be mourning her passing.

Her short life and remarkable achievements will be missed by many, and she will be missed by many.

Before becoming an actress, Betty Lynn had a long career in radio.

She was cast in the daytime drama “The Andy Griffith Show” in Kansas City.

Her most famous role was Thelma Lou in the Andy Griffith Show, which she starred in for twenty-five episodes before Don Knotts left.

She also starred in many great films, including The Man Who Was a Woman in a Time of War and In the Garden of Eden.

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