Between Davido and Burna Boy who is the richest

Between Davido and Burna Boy who is the richest, here is all you have to know about these two rivals.

Davido and Burna Boy have been throwing jabs at each other for some time now.

The last time they met in a club in Ghana, it nearly resulted in a serious fight.

Davido have been in the music industry for 10 years and counting while Burna Boy have also been in the industry for 10 years and counting.

They have both won some notable awards with the only award Davido yet to win being a Grammy which Burna Boy won recently.

The big question then is Between Davido and Burna Boy who is the richest?

Davido have an estimated Net worth of 30 million dollars making him the richest Nigerian active musician.

Davido, even though he’s from a wealthy family made his cash from his career as a musician, his father is worth over 700 million dollars but that is not added to Davido.

Davido and Burna Boy

Burna Boy on the other hand is also estimated to worth 18 million dollars.

He’s among the richest musicians in Nigeria and thus Africa.

Burna Boy just like Davido makes his money from streams, endorsements deals, playing shows among others.

When you compare these two figures, it’s Obvious that Between Davido and Burna Boy, Davido is the RICHEST

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