Biden says teachers deserve ‘a raise, not just praise’- Akuffo praises teachers and tell them; “Teaching is not meant to make you millionaire”

American President Joe Biden has said teachers in America deserves a raise and not just praise following how challenging issues of Coronavirus has been globally.

“You deserve a raise, not just praise,” Biden said in remarks at the National Education Association’s annual meeting in Washington. “Every parent in this country who spent the last year educating their children at home understands that you deserve a raise.” President Biden said. Read Here.

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Interestingly, Biden’s wife Jill is a former Teacher.

Biden campaigned on the backdrop of improving working conditions in America and making sure the country is back to track doing the right thing as the super power.

With that he has increased the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour saying nobody working in America should be poor.

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However back in Ghana, President Akufo Addo in a trending video was heard saying if one intended to become a millionaire then teaching shouldn’t be what you should do or you should have something extra doing.

President Akufo Addo comment is coming at a time he is supervising the payment of his wife in thousands of cedis.

If approved, a month salary of his wife would be more than what some teachers at the basic school level take home as their payment after working for decades.

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Issues of payment of teachers has always been a point of discussion with many teachers going home poor after their service as teachers.

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