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‘Big matter’- Prime Suspect In Assassination Of Haiti President Has Ties To US Law Enforcement, Video drop

Authorities have come out with updates on the Haitian President’s assassination.

They linked it to a number of Columbian mercenaries working for a Florida-based security company.
President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise was killed last Wednesday in a masterfully crafted assassination plan.

According to the investigators, the hitmen were former informants of US law enforcement. At least one of the men involved previously worked as an informant with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the DEA disclosed in an interview with CNN adding that others also worked as informants of the FBI as well.

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Authorities on Monday arrested one of the suspects who they say masterminded the whole operation. Christian Emmanuel Sannon, 63, entered the country on a private jet in June, Police Chief Leon Charles said at a news conference.

According to him, Sanon hired a security company in Florida to protect him and his businesses. He came to the country solely to assassinate the president and take over his position. The plan however backfired at him.

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The Columbian police force, on Monday, gunned two Columbian suspects down. These men had a connection with CTU security, which was owned by a Venezuelan national. They have requested assistance from the US Interpol office to investigate the company’s data.

It is still not clear if the former US informants played a part in the assassination plot of the Haitian president but investigations are still ongoing.

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