Big mouth is a famous cartoon movie about a young boy Andrew in his puberty stage having to face the realities of being a young adult.

Although this is a cartoon movie it is actually geared towards adults as it contains vulgar words and sex.

The following are the comedy gurus who lend their voices to make the movie and the characters they played

Nick Kroll ( Nick Birch )

Nick Krol is a comedian, producer and writer. He is mainly known for creating and starring in the Comedy Central series Kroll Show, The Oh, Hello Show, the FX comedy series The League and many others. He appeared in 44 episodes

John Mulaney (Andrew Glouberman)

John Edmund Mulaney is best known for his work as a writer on Saturday Night Live and as a stand-up comedian. John appeared in  44 episodes in the movie

Jenny Slate ( Missy Foreman)

Jenny is a comedian and an author. He wrote, “little weirds” and many other books.

She appeared in 40 episodes.

Maya Rudolph ( Connie the hormone monstress)

She starred in “Bridesmaid”, ” Away we go” and many others. She is so a writer and producer.

She appeared in 44 episodes.

Jason Mantzoukas ( Jay Bilzerian )

Jason is a podcaster a writer and producer. He is known widely for his recurring role in the FX comedy series. He appeared in 44 episodes.

Jesse Klien (Margaret Daniels )

She is an actress, writer and stands up comedian. She also starred in “hey girl”, and Lucy the daughter of the devil.

She appeared in 44 episodes.

Jordan Peele ( Ghost of Duke Ellington)

Jordan is a comedian and filmmaker. He is best known for his film and television work in the comedy and horror genres. He appeared in 44 episodes.

Fred Armisen ( Eliot Birch )

Armisen is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician. He’s best known for being a cast member on Saturday night live. He appeared in 44 episodes

Andrew Rannells ( Matthew McDel)

Rannells is best known for originating the role of Elder Price in the Book of Mormon.

He appeared in 36 episodes of the movie.

Richard Kind (Scammer )

Richard is an actor well known for his roles in Mad About You, Spin City and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Richard appeared in 24 episodes in the movie.

Ayo Adebiri ( Mosaic Missy

Ayo is the co-host of the podcast Iconography with Olivia Craighead. She’s a writer and a producer as well. She appeared in 6 episodes.

Gina Rodriguez ( Gina Parrot )

Gina is a television producer. She is widely known for her role in The CW satirical romantic dramedy series Jane the Virgin.

She appeared in 14 episodes.

Kat Dennings(Lorriane the Hormone monstress)

Kat is best known for her roles in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Thor

She appeared in 14 episodes.

Chelsea Perreti ( Monica Foreman )

Chelsea Vanessa Pereti is best known for her role in the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and also writing for Parks And Recreation and Saturday Night Live.

She appeared in 13 episodes.

David Thewlis ( Shame Wizard )

David is an actor, author, producer, and screenwriter. He rose starred in the film Naked, for which was adjudged by Cannes Film Festival Award as Best Actor. 

He appeared in 9 episodes of the movie.

Paula Pell ( Barbara Glouberman )

Paula Pell is a comedy writer, producer, and actress, renowned for writing for the sketch series Saturday Night Live.

Pell appeared in 21 episodes of the movie.

June Diane Raphael (Deven LeSeven)

June is a comedian, actress and screenwriter. She has starred in TV comedy programs Burning Love and Grace and Frankie.

June appeared in 20 episodes.

Kristen Bell (Pam)

Kristen is a musician and an actress. She made her debut in the comedy musical The adventures of Tom Sawyer and also in the revival of The Crucible .

She appeared in 4 episodes.

Thandiwe Newton (Mona)

Newton is known for starring roles such as the Beloved, Mission Impossible 2 and  in Crash (2004).

She appeared in 5 episodes.

Niel Casey( Lars)

Niel is a writer, actor and comedian. He served as a writer on Saturday Night Live from 2012 to 2013 and Inside Amy Schumer in 2014.

He appeared in 18 episodes.

Jak Knight ( Devon )

Jak Knight is a stand-up comedian, writer, and voice actor. Jak is also a writer and a consulting producer.

He appeared in 19 episodes.

Jessica Chaffin ( Channon Glaser )

Jessica Chaffin is best known as part of the comedy duo Ronna and Beverly with Jamie Denbo. 

She appeared in 19 episodes of the movie.

Jon Dally ( Judd Birch )

Jon is best known for his sketch comedy work on the Comedy Central series Kroll Show.

He also appeared in 17 episodes.

Seth Morris ( Greg Glaser )

Seth is widely known for his roles on programs such as Go On, Happy Endings, The Hotwives of Orlando, and Children’s Hospital.

He appeared in 16 episodes.

Joe Wenget (Caleb)

Joe Wengert is an actor, writer, and comedian. He has starred in how to live with your parents, beef and many others.

He starred in 29 episodes.

Josie Totar (Natalie)

She is known for her role on the Disney Channel series Jessie. She also played a role in the 2013 ABC comedy series Back in the Game. She appeared in 3 episodes.

John Oliver ( Harry)

John is a political commentator, actor, and television host. He’s starred in Rick and Morty, Gravity falls and lots more.

He appeared in 3 episodes.

Sterling Brown ( Michael Angelo )

S.K Brown is an actor and a comedian. He starred in the FX limited series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

He appeared in 4 episodes.

Zach Galifianakis ( Gratitoad )

Zach is an actor, comedian, musician and writer who came to prominence with his Comedy Central Presents special in 2001 and Late world.

He appeared in two episodes.

Zachari Quinto ( Aiden)

He is an actor-comedian. He is known for his roles in Heroes; Star Trek and several others.

He appeared in 9 episodes.

Mark Duplass( Val Bilzerian )

He played a lead role in creep, creep 2 the Lead, Blue Jay and many others.

He appeared in 8 episodes.

Paul Scheer ( Kurt Bilzerian)

Paul is an actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, and podcaster. He is best known for his role as Andre Nowzick in the series The League.

He appeared in 9 episodes of the movie.

Jean Smart ( Depression Kitty)

Jean is an actress who starred in the famous movie Frasier, Mare of Easttown, Hacks a and many more.

She appeared in 8 episodes.

Heather Lawless (Jenna )

Heather is an actress and a Comedian. She starred in Wonder Showzen, Goodbye To All That, Stone Quackers etc.

Heather appeared in 11 episodes.

Emile Altman ( Milk, Florida Resident)

Emily Altman is a writer and producer, known widely for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) and Spies in Disguise (2019).

She appeared in 7 episodes.

Natasha Lyonne (Suzette)

Natasha is an actress, direct Natasha and a producer. She’s widely known in the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black.

She appeared in 5 episodes.

Jonn Germbeling ( Tyler the hormone monster)

John Gemberling is an actor and comedian widely known for roles on the Comedy Central series Broad City, Marry Me, and Making History.

John appeared in 5 episodes.

Bobby Cannavale ( Garvin the Hormone monster)

Bobby is an actor who’s is known for various film, stage, and television roles, including roles in Third Watch, Boardwalk Empire, Vinyl, Will & Grace, Mr Robot, and Master of None.

He starred in 3 episodes.

Jack McBrayer ( Pubic Hair )

Jack is an actor who gained popularity when he portrayed characters on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and as Kenneth Parcell in 30 Rock.

He appeared 4 episodes.

Zach Woods ( Daniel )

Zach is an actor, producer and director. He is best known for The Office, Gabe Lewis, and Silicon Valley.

He appeared in 2 episodes.

Alia Shawkat ( Roland )

Alia Shawkat is an actress and artist. She’s known for her roles in the State of Grace, Arrested Development, The Final Girls, and Search Party.

She appeared in 3 episodes.

Julie Klausner ( Cherry Marashina)

Julie is an author, comedian, actor, podcaster, and writer. She’s known best for creating, writing, and starring in the Hulu sitcom Difficult People.

She appeared in 4 episodes.

Mae Whitman ( Talula Levin )

Mae is an actress and singer. She began acting as a child making her cameo at the age of six when she starred in a drama When a man loves a Woman.

She appeared in 1 episode.

Somali Rose (Missy’s Overalls)

Rose is an American actress who is best known for her appearance on The Big Show and Ravens Home

She appeared in 2 episodes.


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