Big Pun was an American rapper and songwriter. His name Big Pun is short for Big Punisher. He is cited as one of the best MCs in the industry.

Big Pun is reported to have committed suicide on February 7, 2000 (aged 28).

Big Pun Cause Of Death

Full NameChristopher Lee Rios
Cause Of DeathSuicide
Big Pun Cause Of Death

After a long, troubled life, rapper Big Pun passed away on Monday, February 7, 1988. At the time of his death, he was 28 years old and weighed about 700 pounds. Fat Joe, who was a friend of Big, acknowledged that the rapper was self-conscious about his weight.

According to the musician, he felt that he could not eat in front of his friends. The cause of death remains unknown.

The death of Big Pun, better known as Christopher Rios, was not immediately apparent, though friends said he suffered a massive heart attack. The South Bronx native had been living at a Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains while renovating his Bronx home.

He had previously stated that he was 400 pounds, but his health was never an issue and he was able to perform for long periods of time without stopping.

Although it is not clear how Rios died, he was the first Latin rap artist to achieve multiplatinum sales. His parents, Gail Tirado, and his wife, Liza, were both musicians. It is unclear how the tragedy affected the singer and his family.

The coroner’s office will conduct the autopsy, which will be performed today. In the interim, friends and family members of Big Pun are grieving his loss.

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