After failing to recover from cirrhosis, Billie Holiday had to die in 1959.

She had little money in her bank account and was denied access to the medical facility where she was being treated.

Her death was attributed to her alcoholism, but there is a more likely cause. This natural disease was the cause of her heart attack.

She had been suffering from the condition for years, and it is still unknown what caused her death.

A narrator for her Carnegie Hall concerts and a writer for The Essential Billie Holiday album, Gilbert Millstein, revealed the singer’s death on her own.

She had been arrested for drug possession as she lay dying in her hospital room, and authorities searched her room.

After she was admitted to the hospital, she died under police guard.

Her heart had stopped, and her lungs had become enlarged. Despite this, she died of pulmonary edema and heart failure caused by cirrhosis of the liver.

Although she had spent her life fighting for her freedom, her family had been systematically robbed of her earnings and had a rough time getting her to her funeral.

After spending days under arrest for heroin possession, Holiday went on to marry Louis McKay, who had been using the singer’s name and reputation to advance his own career.

Drugs and alcohol took a toll on her body.

Though she tried to curb her drinking and smoking, she succumbed to heart failure in late May 1959.

Her liver failure was later diagnosed as cirrhosis of the liver, and her death was a result of heart disease.

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