Billie-Jo Margaret Jenkins (March 29, 1983 – February 15, 1997) was an English girl who was assassinated in Hastings, East Sussex, in February 1997. The case received a lot of media attention and is still unresolved. Siôn Jenkins, her foster father, was originally convicted of the crime, but he was finally exonerated following two retrials in which the jury was unable to reach a judgment. He has been refused compensation due to the lack of evidence proving his innocence. He is one of the few people who has been acquitted despite never being proven not guilty by a jury. A second charge was dropped, pertaining to lies he told about his qualifications in order to get his job as a deputy headteacher. Sussex Police have stated that they have no plans to reopen the murder case since his acquittal.

Billie-family Jo’s has always maintained that Siôn Jenkins is guilty, blaming the final trial’s conclusion on the judge’s ruling that fresh forensic evidence was inadmissible since it was introduced too late for the defense team to reply. The forensic evidence revealed that little parts of Billie-bone Jo’s and tissue were found in the patches of blood found on Siôn’s clothing, contradicting his assertion that the blood had come from her breathing out upon him as she died. Jenkins had already won a retrial based on this claim.

The bloodspots also contained tiny metal particles from the murder weapon, an iron tent peg, according to the forensic study. Police announced in January 2022 that they were re-examining the forensic evidence.

Her assassination is one of the most high-profile unsolved homicides in the United Kingdom.

Billie-Jo Jenkins real family

Billie-Jo Jenkins grew up in the East End of London. Jenkins was placed in foster care when she was nine years old because her father was imprisoned and her mother was unable to cope on her own. Siôn and Lois Jenkins, who had the same surname as her, were her foster parents. They already had four daughters as a family. She attended Helenswood School in Hastings, East Sussex, where she moved with her family. Before the tragedy, she had been living with the Jenkins family for five years. She was characterized as a “fun-loving” young woman who aspired to be an actress.

Siôn Jenkins’ children and Billie-acquaintances Jo’s claimed that Siôn was violent as they grew up and used corporal punishment on them.

Billie-two Jo’s schoolfriends claimed she told them Siôn had struck her and scratched her neck, and that she had returned to school with blood on her face on one occasion, claiming Jenkins had held her up against a door after she begged him to stop slapping her beloved dog.

Her classmates also stated that she would come to school with bruises on her arms and legs on several occasions, alleging they were the result of fights with her father.

They testified that Billie-Jo had once scribbled “Loathe” and “I hate my dad (Sion)” on her knuckles. Jenkins then admitted to slapping Billie-Jo in an angry rage and then confessed to hitting the kids with a slipper or a ruler on occasion.

When he lost his temper with Billie-Jo, his wife Lois described his anger as “vein-popping.” Family acquaintances reportedly claimed that when on vacation in France in August 1996, Billie-Jo was kicked in the ankle by Siôn, despite her ankle being sprained at the time.

Siôn Jenkins was the deputy headteacher at Hastings’ William Parker School, a local boys’ comprehensive.

It was then discovered that he had lied about his qualifications on his CV in order to secure this job, and that he had lately repeated the lies on a fresh application for the position of school principal, which was currently being processed. He had already been expelled from his high school owing to disciplinary difficulties.

Jenkins has run for local office as a Conservative Party candidate.

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