A toxicology report of Billy Mays’ death is expected in eight to 10 weeks. The cause of death remains unclear, but many believe it is heart disease.

Billy Mays Cause of Death

Full Name William Darrell Mays Jr.
Nationality American
Occupation Television presenter and Pitchman
Cause of Death Heart attack
Billy Mays Cause of Death

The autopsy results will give a more precise idea of what caused Mays’ death. His family is devastated. Michael, the stepfather, says he has no answers.

During the autopsy, doctors found that there were no indications of head injury.

An autopsy showed that Mays was not feeling well after his flight on U.S. Airways on Saturday, but he later told his wife that he had felt unwell during the landing.

He had been scheduled to have his fourth hip replacement on Monday but did not feel well that night. A neurologist said he died of drug-related complications.

In the meantime, a family member told a local television station that the cause of death was natural causes.

Although Mays did not have any apparent head trauma, he did die of a heart problem. He had taken prescription painkillers for his hips in the correct doses, and he was a prominent figure in the fitness industry.

He also sold OxiClean and Orange Glo. The autopsy revealed extensive heart disease and muscular thickening of his left ventricle. However, the cause of death remains unclear.

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