Leon Bailey (born August 9, 1997) is a Jamaican professional footballer who currently plays as a winger for Aston Villa in the Premier League and for the Jamaica national team.

Bailey moved to Europe when he was 13 years old and played for a number of clubs as a teenager before signing for Belgian club Genk in 2015, where he was voted Belgian Young Footballer of the Year. His success in Belgium earned him a move to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga in 2017. He was signed by Aston Villa in 2021 for a sum of roughly £30 million after four years at the club.

Craig Butler net worth

Craig Butler Net Worth, is $1.5 Million.

Leon Bailey (born August 9, 1997) is a Jamaican professional footballer who currently plays as a winger for Aston Villa in the Premier League and for the Jamaica national team.

Bailey moved to Europe when he was 13 years old and played for a number of clubs as a teenager before signing for Belgian club Genk in 2015, where he was voted Belgian Young Footballer of the Year. His success in Belgium earned him a move to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga in 2017. He was signed by Aston Villa in 2021 for a sum of roughly £30 million after four years at the club.

Who is Leon Bailey’ father?

Growing up in Jamaica, Bailey wanted to become a footballer or a sprinter – inspired by the success of Usain Bolt.

 Bailey was one of 23 children adopted by football coach Craig Butler, whose Phoenix Academy team Bailey played for as a child. Butler worked cleaning toilets to save enough money to travel to Europe – where he hoped to find Bailey, and his biological son, Kyle a professional club. Since the age of 13, Bailey has lived in Europe.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the daughter of actor, Brad and Angelina Jolie.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt age

Shiloh Jolie Pitt was born on May 27, 2006 (age 15 years) in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt height

Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s height information is not not known to the media yet.

Who is Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s father, Brad Pitt?

Who is Shiloh Jolie Pitt?
Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s father, Brad Pitt.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s father, William Bradley Pitt is an actor and film producer from the United States. He has won an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and two Golden Globe Awards for his acting, as well as a second Academy Award, a second British Academy Film Award, a third Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award for his work as a producer through his production company, Plan B Entertainment.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s Father Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963.

Who is Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s mother, Angelina Jolie?

Who is Shiloh Jolie Pitt?
Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s mother, Angelina Jolie.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s mother, Angelina Jolie DCMG is an actress, filmmaker, and philanthropist from the United States. She has been called Hollywood’s highest-paid actress countless times and has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s mother was Born on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, United States

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Instagram

Shiloh Jolie Pitt is on Instagram as @shiloh.jolie.pitt. she has over 161,000 followers.

If you’re curious about Ashton Meem, you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll discuss Her background, career, relationship with Russell Wilson, and social media presence. Read on to learn more about Ashton Meem! She’s a rising star! Here’s what you need to know about Ashton Meem! She’s from Richmond, Virginia.

Ashton Meem biography

Ashton Meem is an advertising operations assistant at American Family Insurance. She started her job there in August 2011. She also works as an account executive at Morton Consulting LLC in Virginia. Her net worth is unknown but many speculate it is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her ex-husband, Russell Wilson, has a net worth of $4 million. Ashton Meem’s net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, she has a great deal of admirers.

As for her education, Ashton Meem attended the University of Georgia and then transferred to NC State. She graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Communication. Following her studies, Ashton Meem worked at several advertising firms including Lewis Media Partners and McKinney & Company. Ashton Meem also worked for the American Family Insurance company. However, she rarely makes public appearances since her divorce.

Her career

Former wife of Russell Wilson, Ashton Meem has built her career as an advertising operations assistant in media marketing. The couple was married for two years until Wilson filed for divorce. The divorce was the result of Meem’s alleged affair with Golden Tate. Meem denied the rumors and continued her career as an advertising operations assistant. Today, Ashton Meem is 34 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Ashton Meem is a Virgo and follows the Christianity religion.

Meem graduated from North Carolina State University in 2011 with a degree in communication. Following graduation, she worked as an intern at McKinney and Lewis Media Partners. She then landed her first job as an account executive at Morton Consulting in 2011. She has since left Morton Consulting to work for another insurance company. She currently works for American Family Insurance. As of May 2018, Ashton Meem is single and has no plans to get married anytime soon.

Her relationship with Russell Wilson

Following their divorce, Ashley Meem is no longer in the limelight. Although her relationship with Russell Wilson ended a few months ago, rumors still persist that she had an affair with NFL player Golden Tate. She denied the rumors and remained in the background for months. Although she wasn’t in the spotlight much after her divorce from Wilson, she was linked to NFL analyst Emmanuel Acho.

The NFL player and Meem met in high school, and they married in 2012. The couple divorced two years later, but the reason behind their separation is not yet clear. Earlier in the year, Golden Tate was linked to Meem. While Wilson was rumored to have been cheating on Meem, she has kept her personal life private. Golden Tate, meanwhile, was linked to Wilson in an undisclosed way.

Her social media presence

Ashton Meem is a 33-year-old American who works in advertising operations at American Family Insurance. She was born on September 6, 1987 and is a member of the English-Irish ethnicity. She has captivating brown eyes and is 5 feet, 9 inches tall. She weighs about 53 kilograms and maintains a very slim body figure. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts are flooded with comments, which are both hilarious and flattering.

Ashton Meem joined Twitter in March 2010 under the username “1AshtonWilson”. She has a following of 6,897 and follows 193 accounts. Her Twitter profile is private. Ashton Meem’s Instagram account has about a dozen followers, with only a handful of recent posts. Ashton Meem has yet to update her Facebook page in a while, but she’s active on both platforms.

Born in Leningrad, the former Soviet capital, Vorontsova is the daughter of former Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his wife Natalia. She was named after Putin’s mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova. In 1991, Putin sent her sister Katerina to Germany to attend school. Her legal guardian at the time was Matthias Warnig, who worked with Putin in Dresden. The two women later attended the German School Moscow, where Vorontsova studied law.

Elizaveta Peskova biography

The firstborn daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Maria Vorontsova, holds a Ph.D. in medical sciences. The wife of a Dutch businessman, she is currently married to Russian-born businessman Jorrit Faassen. The couple reportedly lived in a penthouse in Voorschoten, Netherlands, in 2013. Following the shooting of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, residents of the Dutch town targeted the family. In 2015, the pair were living in Moscow.

The daughters of the President of Russia have never been acknowledged publicly by Putin, but a renegade oligarch has now revealed new information about the family. Mariya Putina, also known as Maria Vorontsova, is a pediatric endocrinologist and Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter. She and her two sisters are said to have no children of their own.

Elizaveta Vorontsova

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s sister Katerina has revealed that she is a co-owner of Nomeko, a multi-million-dollar medical firm in St Petersburg. Nomeko is credited as the largest private healthcare investment project in Russia, and her 20 percent stake is significant. The US has previously sanctioned both Maria and Katerina for their alleged involvement in the murder of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

In response to the revelations, Vladimir Putin’s daughter has a Ph.D. in medical science and has almost eighty thousand Twitter followers. The activist has also alleged that her mother helped her father with vaccine development. According to Putin’s press secretary, “Mariya is a Ph.D. in endocrinology and immunology, and I know of no other scientific research that links her father to the development of these vaccines.”

Elizaveta Tikhonova

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a proud father to two girls – Elizaveta Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova. Both are well-educated, having attended universities in the United States and Germany. They are both members of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation. They were born in Leningrad, the former Soviet Union. She was named after her mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova. In 1991, Vorontsova went to a German gymnasium and school in St. Petersburg, which influenced her to become a doctor. Her legal guardian was Matthias Warnig, who worked for Putin in Dresden. In addition, she attended the German School Moscow and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Maria Vladimirovna Putina was born in Leningrad, Russian SFSR. She studied at the German School Moscow, and then moved to Saint Petersburg with her family. After graduating from medical school in Saint Petersburg, she studied biology at the Moscow State University. She later completed her residency in the United States at the University of California, San Francisco.

If you are interested in knowing more about Brigette Lundy-Paine, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re curious about her bisexuality, her fashion sense, or her TV show, this article is for you. We’ll discuss her career, personal life, and the bisexual lifestyle. In addition, we’ll go into her personal life, which includes a biography, and where she is now.

Brigette Lundy-Paine biography

Brigette Lundy-Paine is a well-known American actress. She first gained prominence as Casey Gardner on the TV series Atypical. The actress starred in all four seasons. Her career as an actress has since flourished. Brigette is currently a member of the prestigious Young Hollywood Hall of Fame. She has also won numerous acting awards. Below are some of her best acting performances.

Brigette Lundy-Paine is a famous American actress and model. She has acted in several movies and television shows. She is a member of the non-binary band Subtle Pride. She is also a co-founder of the online art magazine Waif. Born on 10 August, Brigette Lundy-Paine is 27 years old and is a Christian. Her parents have a business called Blue Panther Productions. She has been an active member of this company since its inception.

She is bisexual

Netflix’s comedy-drama Atypical features a nonbinary girl named Casey, who is on the cusp of adulthood. Brigette Lundy-Paine plays Casey, and we learn that she is bisexual in an interview with The Advocate. The actress reveals that she has been open about her sexuality in her own life, and she recently came out as bisexual in an interview with the magazine.

This actor has always felt like both a girl and a boy, but was afraid to come out, for fear of what others would think of her. Her courage is a testament to the courage of other LGBTQ individuals who struggle with gender identity. Brigette Lundy-Paine began acting at a young age, and has appeared in several films and TV shows. Her starring role in the upcoming movie Irrational Man is one of her most popular roles to date.

She has a TV show

Actress Brigette Lundy-Paine has over a million Instagram followers. She started her career in 2015 with the Oscar-nominated crime mystery film ‘Irrational Man,’ in which she co-starred with Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone. Her character was a philosophy professor who suffered from an existential crisis. In addition to acting, Brigette Lundy-Paine is a singer, and she founded a vocal band called Subtle Pride. The band performed live and improvised music together with other members of the band.

Lundy-Paine was born in Alameda, California. She and her family moved to the Bay Area when she was two, where she performed in a play. Her parents, Robert Paine and Laura Lundy, have been involved with the theater and film industry since the early years of their careers. Her parents, both actors, founded the Virago Theatre Company in Alameda in 2005. Brigette Lundy-Paine first performed on stage at age 1, when her father was directing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Later, she performed in Bill & Ted Face the Music, a science fiction comedy that aired on Netflix.

She is a fashion icon

Brigette Lundy-Paine is an American actress, musician and non-binary fashion icon. She has starred in many films and TV series, including the Netflix series Atypical. Lundy-Paine is also known for playing the character Casey Gardner on the Netflix show Atypical. Born on August 10, 1993, Brigette is the daughter of Laura and Robert Paine. She is currently single.

Although born a transgender woman, Brigette Lundy-Paine has appeared in a number of films and television shows. Her most popular role was in the Netflix comedy series Atypical. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and is currently living in Los Angeles. Her parents, Laura Lundy and Robert Paine, run a production company called Blue Panther Productions.

If you’re looking for a quick and accurate Harlan Drum Biography, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find details on his Date of birth, Education, Relationship status, and Career. Read on to find out more about the man behind the iconic drum set! Also, find out about his hobbies and interests. The next section of his biography will cover his educational background and relationship status. Besides, you can find out what he did before becoming famous.

Harlan Drum Biography and Date of birth

The date of birth of American actor Harlan Drum is still unknown. The actor was born on February 1, 2002, and is a daughter of Christine Frei Drum and actor Clark Drum. She has three siblings and seems very close to her older brother. She stands at a height of 5’7″ and weighs about 55 kg. The actress has yet to reveal her exact height and figure measurements. In addition to her age, Harlan Drum has not revealed her boyfriend or her relationship status with her mother or father.

During her early career, Drum began modelling and acted in commercials for Burger King and Samsung. She later appeared in the hit American Girl line and modeled for H&M. Drum has also starred in movies like Sweet Magnolias and MacGyver. In addition to acting, Harlan Drum has appeared in many other movies and television shows. At a young age, she began her modeling career, working for numerous national and international clients and appearing in several fashion magazine editorials.

Educational background

Actor Harlan Drum is a model, television personality and social media star from Los Angeles, California, United States. He has been featured in popular films and television series, such as Friendship Never Dies, MacGyver, and Sweet Magnolias. His educational background is as varied as his career. Before making his acting debut, he worked as a photographer and model. He also starred in a series called Sweet Magnolias and appeared on the cover of Venice magazine in 2022.

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 2002, Harlan Drum grew up in his hometown and attended a public school. He found his love for acting when he enrolled in acting classes at a small public school. He is of white ethnic foundation and belongs to an affluent family. Although Drum does not have an official Wikipedia page, he has a large following on social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube.

Harlan Drum Relationship status

Harlan Drum is an American actress, TV personality, and social media star. She has worked in films and television shows including Sweet Magnolias, MacGyver, and Friendship Never Dies. Her relationship status is unclear, but it is believed that she is bisexual. While her father is a Native American and her mother is an immigrant, she is often portrayed with both men and women. While her parents don’t confirm her relationship status, they are supportive of her career.

The first season of the popular American drama Sweet Magnolias aired in 2021, where Drum starred as an FBI agent. The series ran for three seasons, and the actress played a supporting role in each episode. She later appeared in another television show, Sweet Magnolias, which was written and produced by Sheryl J. Anderson. For more information on Drum, visit her official website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on her personal life.

Harlan Drum Career

The career of Harlan Drum began at a very early age, and she began auditioning for projects at the age of seven. She has modeled for H&M, Justice, and Vogue Bambini. She has over 8k followers on Instagram, and posts pictures of herself and her family. Her mother also works as a photographer, and she has even been on the cover of Venice magazine in 2022. Now, she is pursuing acting and modeling.

In 2021, Harlan Drum rose to fame by playing Brooklyn on the hit television show MacGyver. Her character appeared in three episodes of the show. The year following her appearance in the show, she landed her breakthrough role in the movie Sweet Magnolias. This movie was created and produced by Sheryl J. Anderson. Harlan Drum’s career took off from there. The movie has been nominated for a number of awards and garnered rave reviews.

Are you wondering about Miki Garcia’s bio? Are you interested in learning more about this actress, entrepreneur, and former Miss Wrestling? If so, read on to learn about her incredible career and personal life. Listed below are some facts about Miki Garcia that you may find interesting. She was born in Sacramento, California, in 1942. She is an American national, and she belongs to unknown ethnicity and zodiac sign. Her religion is Christianity.

Miki Garcia is an actress

Born 17 February 1947 in Kingman, Arizona, Miki Garcia is an American actress and model. She has worked in various beauty pageants and is currently a real estate agent at Prudential California Realty. Garcia was raised in a middle-class family and completed her elementary and secondary education at Catholic School. She studied at Balboa College in Panama, and began her modeling career after graduation. Her personal life is relatively private.

Her modeling career has earned her a decent net worth, and she has also been endorsed by several brands. She is married to an agent who works at Prudential California Realty in El Dorado Hills. She previously worked in the playboy industry and was a vice-president at the renowned entertainment company Playboy. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million. She lives in California with her husband, and they are expecting their first child together.

She is an entrepreneur

During her early career, Miki Garcia worked as an executive for Playboy. Now, she runs a leadership network called Vizaca. She has also appeared in the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. Garcia has a Masters degree in journalism from the City University of London. She has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In fact, she is the author of Rebuilding London: Irish Migrants in Post-War Britain.

Although her first career was as a model, Miki Garcia has also worked in various beauty pageant competitions. She later served as the assistant director and host for the Miss California Bikini Pageant at the California State Fair. She also served as the head of promotions at the Playboy Mansion. She left her post at the company in 1982 to pursue her entrepreneurial goals. Her career trajectory has been an incredible one. While she started out as a model, she has expanded her business interests to include real estate.

She is a former Miss Sacramento

Born in Kingman, Arizona, Miki Garcia is an American actress. Before becoming a famous actress, she was a beauty pageant contestant. After finishing her education, she started competing in beauty pageant competitions. She later served as an emcee and assistant director for the Miss California Bikini Pageant at the California State Fair. After winning Miss California, Garcia served as the head of promotions at the Playboy mansion, but left the position after ten years.

After her modeling career, Miki Garcia earned a huge sum of money. She now makes a decent living from her real estate job, and has even appeared in a few television series. Her net worth is estimated at $3.5 million. She lives in El Dorado Hills, California. Before becoming a model, Garcia was a playmate for Hugh Hefner. She left the playboy organization in 1982. She has since gone on to become a real estate agent and promoter.

She is a former Miss Wrestling

American model and actress Miki Garcia was born on 17 February 1947 in Kingman, Arizona. She has many fans, mostly because of her stunning looks and acting performances. She has an impressive amount of followers on social media, including Instagram. Garcia is from a military family. Her father served in the United States Air Force and the family lived in various places before settling down in California. Her mother is an unidentified homemaker. She has not revealed the name of her father, but her siblings are not yet public.

In the early 1970s, she was a teen model, and worked for the Miss Sacramento Pageant and the Miss California Bikini Pageant. She also starred in local television shows like Big Time Wrestling and appeared in an issue of GQ magazine. Her appearance in the GQ spread was subtly sexualized, and she posed for a cover shot hoisting a world women’s championship belt. Her success in the business was followed by her appearance on TV shows, and her name became synonymous with wrestling.

Who is Miki Garcia’s husband?

There’s no information on who the husband of Miki Garcia is. It is unclear if she ever married.

Miki Garcia net worth

Miki Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million.

Jason Vrable is an American football coach who is the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). Read on to find out more.

Jason was born on January 23, 1985, in South Park, Pennsylvania. There is no information about his childhood life and parents. It is however know that he has a brother whose identity remains hidden.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine in 2007 and completed a master’s degree in sports management from Robert Morris University in 2009.

How Old Is Jason Vrable?

He is currently 37 years old.

Who Is Jason Vrable’s Wife?

Jason is married to Jill Bixler.


Jason Vrable Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth
Jason Vrable [source: packers]

Jason Vrable started his coaching career as an assistant to the quarterbacks’ coach. He coached the Syracuse Orange of Syracuse University. He joined the Buffalo Bills before heading to serve the New York Jets.

He has also served the University of Charleston, Robert Morris University, Marietta College, and the University of South Florida.

He currently works as the wide receivers/passing game controller for the Green Bay Packers.

Net Worth

Vrable’s net worth and salary are not disclosed to the public yet.

Mecia Simson’s net worth is unknown. Mecia Simson is a successful actress who earns a good livelihood. In 2022, Mecia Simone Simson’s net worth is expected to range between $2 and $3 million USD.

Mecia  Simson
Mecia Simson attends the Fit For A Princess Exhibition (

Who is Mecia Simson?

Mecia Simson is a well-known character who has captivated people’s interest, and now that the entire government is watching for her.

Anything of her has become posted to social media.

Some people are really interested in her personal life, such as her family, net worth, and employment, while some are interested in her work life.

Mecia Simson
Mecia Simson (

A lot of information has been published by “A Real News.”

29 December 1989 is Mecia Simson’s birthday.

She was born in the United Kingdom, in the city of Plymouth in the county of Devon.

She is a well-known model, actress, social media influencer, TV personality, and entrepreneur from the United Kingdom.

On July 6, 2009, she won the fifth season of Britain’s Next Top Model.

Her father’s name, her mother’s name, her relationship, her boyfriend’s name, and her name are all included below.

Real Birth NameMecia Simone Simson.
Stage NameMecia Simson.
Date of BirthDecember 29, 1989 (Friday).
Age (as of 2021)32 years old.
Place of BirthPlymouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom.
Current ResidenceLondon, England, United Kingdom.
ProfessionActress, Model, Television Personality, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur.
Net worthUSD 2-3 Million (approx.).
EthnicityMixed Race, Mediterranean, and Hispanic.
Zodiac SignCapricorn.
EducationHigh School Graduate.
School/CollegePlymstock School.
City College Plymouth.
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 9″.
In Meters: 1.75 m.
In Centimetres: 175 cm.
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 54 kg.
In Pounds: 119 lbs.
Mecia Simson

Mecia Simson Wiki, Birthday Date, Lifestyle

Mecia Simson was born in the English town of Plymouth in the department of Devon.

Her birth date being December 29th, 1989.

She has indeed participated in numerous of fashion weeks as a model.

She also worked as a performer in a number of movies.

In 2015, she made a guest appearance in the film The Hunt. She became very well during her life.

Mecia Simson is an English actress who was born in Plymouth, Devon.

Model Mecia Simson
Model Mecia Simson . (

Her chronological age is 32. Every year, she has a party to commemorate her birthday.

Mecia Simone Simson is her full name, but she is more commonly referred to as Mecia Simson.

This page contains the names of her father and mother, as well as her boyfriend.

If you want to learn more, keep reading this post to learn everything you need to know.

Mecia Simson Biography (Age, Height, Weight, Measurements)

Mecia Simson is an English actress who was born in Plymouth, Devon.

She was born in the United Kingdom, in the city of Plymouth in the county of Devon.

On December 29th, 1989, she was born.

Mecia Simson
Mecia Simson biography. (

In the year 2021, she will turn 32 years old. In 2015, she made her film debut with The Hunt.

She shot to fame after starring in Netflix’s The Witcher as Francesca Findabair.

Her height and weight are exactly 5 feet 9 inches and 54 kg, correspondingly.

She has hair and amazing eyes.

Her current weight has not been divulged.

If you do want to learn more, keep reading these comments to learn everything you need to know.

Who is the Boyfriend of Mecia Simson?

Mecia Simson is a model, actor, social media influencer, TV personality, and entrepreneur from the United Kingdom.

Her marital status is unknown, according to social media accounts.

Mecia Simson
Mecia Simson. (

Edwin De La Renta is her boyfriend’s name.

If you want to learn more about her lifestyle, keep reading this post to learn about her family.

Mecia Simson Wiki/Bio Real Name, Lifestyle, Profession

  • Real Name: Mecia Simone Simson
  • Nick Name : Mecia
  • Profession: Model, actress, social media influencer, TV personality, and entrepreneur
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Marital Status: Not Available
  • Boyfriend/Husband Name: Edwin De La Renta

Mecia Simson Physical Status

  • Father Name: Not Known
  • Mother Name: Not Known
  • Siblings Name: Not Known
  • Career Source Of Income: Not Known
  • Net Worth USD: 2-3 Million (approx)

Mecia Simson Wiki (Early Life, Career)

Mecia Simson was born in the English town of Plymouth, in the department of Devon.

Mecia is her nom de plume, although her known professionally is Mecia Simone Simson.

Her birth certificate is December 29, 1989.

In 2021, she will indeed be 32 years old.

She proceeded to Plymstock School and City College Plymouth for her studies.

She is a British citizen.

 Mecia Simson
Mecia Simson attends the World Premiere . (

She is such a well British model, actress, social media influencer, television presenter, and entrepreneur.

On July 6, 2009, she topped the fifth cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model.

She has also participated in a number of fashion weeks. She also featured in a variety of blockbusters as an actress.

In 2015, she acting debut in The Hunt.