Biography of Morgan McLeod

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Morgan McLeod is an American television personality born on July 9, 1992, in Santa Clara, California, in the United States of America Dawn Marie and Scott McLeod.

She is best recognized as a former contestant on season 28 of the American reality Television show. 


Morgan McLeod had her higher education in. San Francisco where she was a cheerleader for the 49ers but has since failed to reveal further details about her educational background.

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Morgan’s journey to gaining popularity arrived when she contested in season 28 of the American reality TV show, Survivor: Cagayan in 2013. She was a part of the Beauty tribe in the competition. Morgan and the other members of the Solana tribe arrived in a boat on the show’s first day.

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She was named the tribe’s weakest link during the first impression twist, and she got to enjoy reaching her tribe’s camp before the other members of her tribe.


Morgan McLeod is a married woman being the wife of Kevin Brown, an associate professor whom she got married to in 2016.

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Net Worth

Morgan McLeod is estimated to have a net worth of $12 million.

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