Biography of Natasha Shanta Reid

Natasha Shanta Reid is an American born South Korean rapper and singer born on May 31, 1981, in Fort Hood, Texas, in the United States of America.

She is better known as Yoon Mi-rae and is currently a member of Korean hip hop trio MFBTY.

The is no much information available to the public regarding the personal details of her parents. However, it is known she has a South Korean mother and an African-American father.


Yoon and her team have served the world with some beautiful songs that would not fade anytime soon. Some of their works include;

  • Touch Love
  • Flower
  • Angel
  • As Time Goes By
  • You Are My World
  • Black Happiness.


Yoon got married to Tiger JK, a man who advocates against child abuse in a private ceremony in a Buddhist Temple in June 2007 and just a year later, the gave birth to their son Jordan Seo.

The couple filmed a public service announcement for the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, performing at the 2011 Child Abuse Awareness Concert.


Yoon has a pretty impressive height. Currently, she stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Net Worth

Yoon Mi-rae’s financial purse is stable. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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