It’s no doubt Black Coffee is one of the wealthiest in the entertainment industry on the continent and he has a lifestyle to match.

This looks at the mansions he owns both home and abroad.

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Mansion in Joburg

It’s worthy to know that Black Coffee owns one of the nicest and the most luxurious homes in the country.

The plush mansion is said to cost in the region of 6 million dollars.

Black Coffee house pictures
Black Coffee house pictures

Mansion in Los Angeles

Since Black Coffee rarely stays in South Africa, he also has a magnificent property in a highbrow area in Los Angeles.

This property is said to be many rooms which are fully furnished with the best of furniture and amenities worldwide.

Black Coffee house pictures

Other Mansions

It is believed highly that the DJ has many other magnificent edifices that are not publicly known yet.

Cbgist is sure to update you when they finally surface.

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