Black panther actor, Taraja Rameses and his 3 children, d£ad after a fatal car crash

Taraja Rameses, known for his role in Black panther and Avengers is reported to have d!ed alongside three of his children after their vehicle was involved in an accident.

Taraja who featured in Black panther and the Avengers movie lost his life when the vehicle he was in, slammed into a broken down tractor.

His mother, Akili Taraja broke the news that his son and 3 of her grandchildren sadly passed away in the gory car accident.

“ My beautiful, loving, talented son Taraja @chop.saki, along with two of my grand babies, his 13 year old daughter Sundari and his 8-week old newborn daughter Fujibo, were killed the previous night in a horrific traffic accident,” she wrote.“

The incident is reported to have happened on 31st October, on Halloween night. The cause of the accident has not yet been disclosed by the police.