Meet Bob Saget daughter and know more about his children in this article.

Who is Bob Saget?

Robert Lane Saget affectionately called Bob Saget was an American TV host, stand up comedian and an actor. He was born in Philadelphia on May 17th, 1956 and died on January 9, 2022. He’s best known for his role on the ABC sitcom Full House and many other amazing movies.

Bob Saget Children

Get to know the children of the iconic comedian Bob Saget.

Bob got married to Sherrie Kramer in 1882, seven years after their union, the couple was blessed with twins Aubrey and Lara on October 16th, 1989.

Aubrey Saget

Aubrey Saget is an expert in fine art and has been doing very well in the industry. It is reported that Aubrey has her bachelor and master degrees from the University of New York. Her excellence in the field of work won her the Steinhart Masters in Fine Art Scholarship Award Grant.

Currently, she works as a curator and a painter. Audrey’s works have crossed boundaries and have been exhibited in France, India, the UK, and the likes.

Bob Saget Daughter: Meet Bob Saget Children
Bob Saget daughter Aubrey

Lara Saget

Just like her twin sister Aubrey, Lara is also an artist who also has a masters degree in art which she graduated in 2018 from the same University.

She also works as a curator and educationist and a Yoga instructor.

Aubrey and Lare partner to set up Studio200NYC, A studio in 2013 in New York City.

Bob Saget Daughter: Meet Bob Saget Children
Bob Saget daughter Lara Saget

Jennifer Belle Saget

Jennifer was born in October 1992. Unlike her elder sisters, Jennifer’s life is lived far outside the world of social media. Her education and lots more are not known to the public. She’s been seen in a couple of pictures with her dad and sisters.