Bobrisky explains why his backside is not “extremely big” even after backside lift surgery

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Following his supposed liposuction surgery he made a lot of noise about, followers of Bobrisky were looking out for some curvy new body when she announce date for showing his worked on body but that wasn’t the case.

The Nigerian crossdresser has however has explained why his backside doesn’t appear bigger even after backside lift surge

Bobrisky who recently unveiled his post surgery body stated that he went for a moderate butt size considering his thigh and because he doesn’t have enough fat to achieve the mighty curves his fans were expecting.

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In a now deleted Instagram post the controversial socialite wrote,

Firstly let me correct dis impression in your head. I didn’t fix my body for anyone of u here to like it, I don’t know many of you here… many of you just followed me here because you like my personality not my ass or body so let not get it twisted. I fixed my body for myself and whosever find me attractive not to please fans I don’t know. If I get excess ass now is still many of you here that will come to rant that my thighs aren’t matching with my leg. If you are looking for perfection pls go to d nearest mortuary close to you Cheers 🥂

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Some of you are dumb you here are dumb you are looking for a very big ass and hips right? You forgot to ask yourself dis question does bob has many fat to get all that mighty curves you all are expecting, I’m i not supposed to get something that will make my downward look funny”.

His explanation is coming after fans took to social media to express disappointment and trolls after Bob unveiled his post surgery body.

While many doubted that he had a surgery done others urged him to get a refund from his doctor.

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