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Bobrisky: Relevant Details of Nigerian “Controversial” Transvestite

If you are someone who keep track of happenings on Nigeria’s Social media space, then the name would not sound Alien to you.

Born as Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju on 31st August 1991, Bobrisky can simply be described as a Nigerian internet sensation who is known as a trans woman in Nigeria even though Nigerian Laws are against issues of LGBT.

Bobrisky grew up in Lagos, he completed Kings College before proceeding to University of Lagos-Nigeria with a degree in Accounting.

Of how he became famous and arguably one of the most talked about Nigerians globally on social media, Bobrisky began by constantly sharing stuff about himself and his transformation from a man to a woman via social media handles notably Snapchat and Instagram.

The young man who know ideally prefers to be addressed with a “She” instead of a “He” loves to show off on social media.

During one of his lavish birthday parties, things went from good to bad when Nigerian security forces stormed The Pearl Garden located inside Lekki to disrupt the party on grounds that lesbians and Gays were attending the party which was against Nigerian laws.


He has consistently maintained the one he’s dating is very rich and handsome even though he has not shown his picture to the world before.

In 2017, he announced the buying of a house in Lekki. He has since shared how he dash cash and even cars to some of his followers.

He gave his father a Lexus car on his birthday

In his family, Bobrisky comes from a staunch Muslim family notwithstanding he has remained one of the most talked about Persons in Nigeria when it comes to Homosexuality.

His rise to stardom could not be complete without his constant feud with other celebrities in Nigeria.

In 2021 for instance he took to his Instagram page to throw shots at Ka3na of Big Brother Naija fame for saying she had an intimacy with a housemate.

But even before that, he’s had internet confrontation between himself and colleague cross dresser James Brown.

In May 2021, Bobrisky Announced he has successfully done a liposuction surgery to enhance his butt.

He shared progress of the process and how painful it was but maintained he is of no regret on his decision.

He has maintained he’s rich and recently displayed his account balance on social media with a 114 million naira in his account of which he said was just one of his 6 bank accounts.

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