The cause of the death of Bon Scott is not known, but the rumor is that he died of acute alcohol poisoning. This was the case on February 19, 1980, when the actor was 33.

Bon Scott Cause of Death

Full name Ronald Belford Scott
Nationality Australian and Scottish
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Lyricists
Cause of Death Acute alcohol poisoning
Bon Scott Cause of Death

The cause of death was never officially determined. A toxicology report found no evidence of drug use or overdose. However, there are some theories regarding the cause of death.

One theory involves heroin use. The film’s director, Jesse Fink, has said that heroin was the culprit in the singer’s death.

The official cause of death for Bon Scott was acute alcohol poisoning. There are some reports that suggest he froze to death, but this is a misconception.

Temperature records for that day indicate that temperatures were above average. Regardless of what the temperature report indicates, it is clear that Scott was drinking when he died.

In addition, he suffered from asthma, which may explain why his cause of mortality was so disputed.

Death due to acute alcohol poisoning is the official cause of death for Bon Scott. However, some suspect that alcohol was a factor.

Aside from that, alcohol is not the only cause of death for Bon. Other theories are that he died from suicide. Some believe that the drugs he was taking may have killed him.

Some sources even say that his cause of fatal alcohol poisoning was a result of his heavy drinking.

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