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Boy sets Guinness Record for climbing 50 stairs while doing hula hooping

Aadhav Sugumar, a young boy from India, has set a Guinness World record after climbing 50 stairs at one time in less than 20 seconds.

Aadhav Sugumar became an internet sensation following his incredible feat which was achieved in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on Saturday, April 2021.

According to the statement on the official site of the Guinness World Record, Sugumar had been practising hula hooping for years with a concentrated effort made it to the Guinness Book of records in a record time.

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His video has since been shared on the Instagram page of Guinness World book of records which has seen dozens of comments and reaction.

The record-counting organisation shared the video on their Instagram page, “Fastest time to climb 50 stairs whilst hula hooping ⏱️ 18.28 secs by Aadhav Sugumar,”


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