Boys don’t marry: Duncan Williams claimed he was a boy at 31 when he divorced to marry a black American – Captain Smart on church divorce

Marriages are considered holy and pure, and relationships are formed for a lifetime. To get married is not just union of males and females but a a union of families. The holy book of Christians says “what God has put together, let no man put asunder” and this is a very strict command to any Christian.

In Christianity, there is no space for divorce and Jesus did make an exception for adultery, that’s if my wife commits adultery, I am permitted to divorce her.

According to the Bible, divorce is permitted in cases of adultery and abandonment which is generally interpreted to include abuse or neglect. Divorces that fall into one of those categories are generally tolerated by Christians, while divorces based on other, less important reasons are frowned upon.

With preacher men, the instructions for them is to be of good character and be of one wife. It is extremely unlawful in Christendom for a minister of God to seek divorce because it is not permitted. If a pastor who stands before the congregation to preach decides to divorce his wife, then what moral right does he have to admonish couples in his Church not to seek separation?.

The most vociferous morning show host of our time in Ghana, Captain Smart has this morning shifted away from his usual rantings on politics to talk about divorce and relationships. As a member of the Church of Pentecost, the host of the Onua Tv morning program denounced some practices of the church as unbiblical and misinterpreted.

He asserted that the Church doesn’t permit divorce by quoting the Bible if a partner is abusive, must one die at his hands? This teaching is archaic and the church must allow separation. He continued by saying “If divorce is bad why did the archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams divorce his wife and even announce that boys don’t marry.”

“He was claiming he was a boy when he was 31 and separated from his wife to marry a black American.” In conclusion, he urged the church to formulate a divorce policy that will enable couples to go their separate ways.

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