‘Brilliant’- Mzvee reply Wendy Shay for not posting her songs on her social media pages

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Mzvee has said talks about Ghanaian female musicians not supporting each other should go beyond just reposting colleague works on social media.

Appearing on Utv’s entertainment show hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown, Mzvee was in the studio with Wendy Shay and eShun.

While Wendy Shay believes artiste should be able to post other works of their colleagues on social media, Mzvee believes otherwise.

In her explanation, artiste are brands and just as Mtn would not post a Vodafone on their official page does not mean Mtn Antagonize Vodafone.

She gave an example that in as much as it’s cool to post the works of other artiste, it’s also important to note that people pay a lot of attentional their social media stuff.

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However, someone can post your works but deep in their heart they don’t like you.

To Mzvee, artiste putting colleague Artiste on shows could be the biggest form of support and also giving them a mention on traditional are all forms of supports hence supporting shouldn’t just be limited to posting things on social media.

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