After experiencing significant financial difficulties, a British couple was found dead in France in a’murder-suicide.’

John Boyes, 64, and Kathryn Boyes, 65, were discovered dead on the grounds of the property on Sunday, however it is believed they died on Thursday.

The couple has been identified by investigators looking into a British husband who is suspected of murdering his wife before killing himself in their house in France.

John Boyes, 64, is accused of repeatedly hitting and strangling Kathryn Boyes, 65, before dumping her body on a sofa.

According to investigators, he then went to an outhouse on their property in the village of Boudrac, south of Toulouse, and committed suicide.

British couple found dead in france video

The bodies were discovered by local gendarmes on Sunday, despite the fact that they are believed to have died last Thursday.

Public prosecutor Christophe Amunzateguy said: “She had been dead for some days and had a rope around her neck.

“Wounds were also found on her body – there were signs of strangulation and blows.

“There was no evidence of a third party being involved.”

He further mentioned that Mr Boyes left a note indicating financial concerns.

The pair, who were both British, are said to have come to the area with the intention of turning the house into a B&B before running into financial difficulties.

They arrived in France almost a decade ago and settled in Boudrac, a town of about 130 people, last summer.

They paid roughly £200,000 for a group of properties in Boudrac with the goal of turning them into a B&B.

However, when the project grew more expensive, their savings ran out, and they found themselves in’severe financial difficulties,’ according to Mr Amunzateguy.

A near neighbour said: “They were very nice people who would often be out walking their dog.

“They mixed well with everyone else in the village, including joining in games of petanque. They were very typical, nice British people.

“People said they had stopped hearing their dog barking, and that’s why there were fears something might have happened.”

On Tuesday, autopsies were performed on each of the remains, according to Mr Amunzateguy, in order to determine the causes of death.

The Boyes’ dog was said to have been recovered unhurt inside one of the buildings.

The area near Boudrac, in the Pyrenees’ foothills, is densely populated with British expats and second property owners.

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