Britney Cobian: Facts about the wife of Travis d’Arnaud

Travis d’Arnaud is an American professional baseball catcher and mostly known as Lil D who plays for the Atlanta Braves in Major League Baseball. He got drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies during the first round of the 2017 MLB Draft however his MLB debut was in 2013.

Britney Cobian

Before Travis d’Arnaud joined the Atlanta Braves he played for some teams like Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, and Tampa Bay Rays as this shows that he has made quite a good name for himself, unlike his white Britney Cobian.

Who is Britney Cobian?

Britney Cobian is the wife of a professional baseball catcher, Travis d’Arnaud as they two settled down as couples in November 2017. The duo’s marriage bear the fruit of two children with the son named Leo Emmanuel and their daughter Charlie Belle

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Britney Cobian

Britney Cobian and started going out as a couple in 2014 but how the two met remains unknown to date. She was born on 15th May 1991 in California to Julie Cobian (mother) and Abraham Cobian (father)

Her parents also additional two daughters identified as Tiffany Cobian and Teresa Cobian.

Which college did Travis D Arnaud attended

Travis D Arnaud ended his education after high school however he didn’t attended college

What is Travis d’Arnaud number?

Travis D Arnaud plays for Atlanta Braves and he’s number 16

Does Travis D Arnaud have kids?

Travis D Arnaud and Britney Cobian have two kids a son and daughter known as Leo Emmanuel and Charlie Belle

What is Travis D Arnaud nationality?

Travis D Arnaud is an American

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