“Building wells in 2023 is a disrespect to Africans”- Bongo ideas fires American YouTuber, Mr Beast for building wells in Kenya 

Self acclaimed Twitter critique, Nathan Hyde, known as Bongo ideas, has criticized wealthy American YouTuber , Mr. Beast for portraying Africa as a poor continent. 

Mr. Beast who is well known for his philanthropic activities across the globe, has gone on a quest to build 100 wells across Africa as a means to provide safe drinking water for all. 

However, Bongo ideas who is well known for his controversial takes on issues stated that , Mr. Beast building wells in Africa is a blatant disrespect to the continent.

He also mentioned in his post on the X app that the wealthy YouTuber, Mr. Beast, has only portrayed the entire continent of Africa as a land of poor people who live in huts. 

Also, according to Bongo, he did not have to build wells for Africans because nobody asked him to. 

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