Bujy Accused Of Entertaining An Abuser.

Bujy Bikwa has been slammed on twitter for giving his platform to an abuser.

The radio and TV personality Bujy Bikwa’s name made it to the twitter trends in South Africa, following the allegations that he gave his platform to an abuser.

He recently collaborated with MacG’s podcast team and started his new podcast called ‘The Queer Way Of Life With Bujy’.

During the 2nd episode of his podcast, Banzi Obie Mavuso, an alleged “outed abuser”, was one of his guests on the show.

This is where the agenda was set in by Twitter users as they queries.

“Guys, I’m so SICK AND TIRED of Obie Mavuso speaking about me every chance she can get for cloud! I’m SICK AND TIRED of this woman telling people LIES about me! An entire platform with gay men giving this VILE PERSON a chance to explain WHY USED TO BEAT TO A PULP!!!!!” A twitter user by the name, @Landawillie slammed both Buji and Obie.

In another tweet, she narrated how she almost lost her life because of Obie and accused Buji to be responsible for anything that happens to her again.

Here is the video of how Obie narrated her story on the podcast.

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