Burundi President reportedly fires all married government officials who have side chics

No self respecting woman would ever settle for being someone’s side chick. Only the materialistic and the lazy ladies who want easy money and are ready to sell their dignity and their reputation just to get laid and paid. It’s soft prostitution and although she may dress decent and walk on the road she’s just a social thief who is bad news to everyone: her own family, the wife and children of the man she’s cheating with.

A self respecting woman would never settle for being a secret, a sin, a conspirator to ruin another woman’s family. She is ready to grow herself slowly, to live within her means and to search for her own man.

She would never trade her conscience for cash. She’s comfortable with the slow process of self development and she’s not greedy for a flashy life before she can afford it.  She doesn’t mind waiting her turn.

Burundi has agreed to fire all married government officials, who have concubines or are involved in any extra marital relationship.
According to the directive, every married government official who has concubines, or as they are more commonly known, sidechicks, faces the sack.

They have to get rid of them or probably make sure they are not caught. Minister for Internal Security, Gervais Ndirakobuca, asserted that the directive must be complied with.
According to him, all wedded government officials with ‘illegal unions’ outside their marriage would be dismissed.

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