“But what if she’s not a w!tch?” – John Dumelo reacts to Twitter influencer, Maame Ama Adoma’s post 

Ghanaian actor and aspiring member of parliament, John Dumelo has reacted to a an earlier post made by social media influencer, Maame Ama Adoma. 

The female influencer on the “X” app made an earlier post that read, 

Men are so brave, you meet a girl at a concert for the first time and you want her to come visit next day, what if she’s a demon or witch?” .

The renowned actor turned politician upon seeing her statement have also posed a very good question were he asked ,

But what if she’s not ?“.

From the look of John Dumelo’s reaction, he sees no problem in asking a lady you just met at a concert to visit you at home. 

According to his question , there is a huge possibility that the lady would neither be a witch nor a demon as speculated by the female influencer.

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