Can Best friends become Lovers?

Can Best Friends become Lovers? That’s possibly the question you are asking yourself right now because your feelings for someone is gradually moving more than a casual friendship.

Relax as this piece of article is dedicated to explain to whether it is right to pick up a romantic affair with your best friend or you should completely stay away from them but before that let’s see what friendship itself means.

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people and also a stronger form of interpersonal bond than just an association.

As much as this Friendship forms an interpersonal bond, it’s far behind being lovers because the latter involved sexual or romantic affairs which does not happened in the former.

Feeling in love can be that easy sometimes but it’s very good to know the kind of person you are having such feelings for in order to avoid falling victim of the high level of broken relationships.

To achieve that, one need to hang around that person for sometime, identify their flaws, what he/she believes in as well as developing good faith and trust in that person where you can finally determine whether you’ve found the right person.

This is a big advantage for someone having feelings for his/her best friend because they knows each other for some time and had the opportunity to study the personality.

So in general YES best friends can become Lovers so when you feel you are falling in love with your best friend, feel free and communicate to them.

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