Many motorists spend several hours a week in their vehicles, and while it is important to maintain your car, it is also essential that you avoid getting a ticket if your brake lights are out.

If you spot a malfunctioning brake light, you should take it to a garage or mechanic to have it repaired. If you’re caught by the police, you’ll have 14 days to get it fixed or face a fine.

Can I be fined for driving with a brake light out

In many cases, a driver may not realize they are violating the law by driving with a brake light out. This is especially true if they’ve been using their turn signals to signal when they’re about to break. In addition, drivers should also use their turn signals when necessary to warn other drivers of the dangers that they pose.

When you’re not using your brake lights, you might have to wait for a police officer to notice and give you a warning.

While the law doesn’t specify a penalty, a broken taillight can be a cause for a ticket. While a brake light can go out at any time, drivers should make sure they have a spare light. Failure to do so could lead to a traffic citation.

Even if the faulty brake light isn’t visible, the underlying issue is a problem with the brake light.

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