Can l sue my father for not taking care of me

Can l sue my father for not taking care of me? That is the exact question that my be going through your head when you grew up and realizing your mother alone had to go through the struggles to make you reach the level you are now.

The high level of illiteracy we are experiencing today is not really by the doing of those we see on the streets but some of this came as a result of abandonment which happens mostly happens on the side of the fathers who flee from their responsibilities.

What rights and responsibilities as a father do I have

A father has just as much right to have contact with the child as the mother. A father who was married to the mother or was listed on the birth certificate has parental responsibility over a child.

It’s understandable that most of this abandonment comes as a result of divorce or something similar but when it comes to taking care of s child, The parental responsibility is not lost by the father even when they separate or divorce from the mother.

This means as a father you must still find a way to take financial responsibilities of your child through education, feeding or any other things just to make sure the child is well taken care.

Can you sue your dad for abandonment

As a general rule, there are no tort claims related to parenting. In short, you cannot sue a parent for being a bad parent. If a parent is so bad, that becomes an issue for child protective services and juvenile courts, the child does not have a cause of action to sue parents.

Even with the Child protective services and juvenile courts, you never know what the story really is, behind the scenes so you will have to investigate first to see if the problem was all him or did your mom play any kind of dirty part in the situation.

How do you prove abandonment

One does not stand up and forward s case, you must have a concrete evidence against the one you are accusing and it’s the sane thing with abandonment, you need to prove with all facts that your father never played any role supporting you.

In order to prove abandonment, the abandoned child must use direct or constructive evidence to demonstrate their claim. The child claiming abandonment must prove that the the father failed to support him/her throughout a required period, usually a year.

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