Yes, heirlooms can be sent cross-factions. However, it has to be on the same server.

Mailing items are no longer needed since it is possible to send gold and unbound (BOA) items cross-server. Sending via cross-faction works just as sensing via mail.

Heirlooms are cross-realms, they are account-bound and account-wide. You can access all the heirlooms you have unlocked via your heirloom tab, on any character, in any realm.

To send via cross-faction, just enter the name of the character or alt you want to send the items to. After you are done, log into the realm of the character receiving the items. Once you have logged in, create the items from your heirloom tab.

To send gold cross-factions, a neutral auction house in booty bay or ratchet has to be used.

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