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Candice Launches A New Venture.

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Candice Modiselle, a South African actress, has officially launched her own jewellery line.

The former ‘Generations’, Legacy star, Candice, has now ventured into business.

She announced the great news on Instagram, as she said her jewellery is a line of fun fashion made accessible.

“Introducing the newest love of my life- @sellejewellery. A line of fun fashion jewellery made accessible COMING SOON!! For more information, please click on the link in my bio. Logo designed by this incredible young talent Thank you so much King!!” She wrote.

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Bontle Modiselle, Candice lovely sister, also took to Instagram to shared her excitement and how proud she is of her sister.

“You started working on this ever so quietly, where no one knew, including myself – and I know everything about you lol. By the time you told me what you were creating, hours of work, planning, and prayer had already happened. Since that moment, I haven’t stopped being excited for you. ‘Jewellery Business Owner’ sounds so good on you.

“So, with great pleasure – I introduce A fun, fashion jewellery line made accessible to you – @sellejewellery. Brought you by @candicemodiselle I’m incredibly proud of you baby. May this journey be long, abundant, and filled with endless favor & grace. I can’t wait to see where this goes and what you do with it. Forward and up we goooo. See frame 2? That septum? I so happen to know the plug! Please follow @sellejewellery, stay updated and you won’t miss a thing,” wrote Bontle.” She wrote a lengthy note to congratulate her.

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