What is the net worth of Carmen Dell’orefice net worth in 2022? If you’re the fan of the American supermodel and wants to know her net worth, continue reading to learn more.

Who is Carmen Dell’orefice?

Carmen Dell’Orefice is an American supermodel and actress. She is known within the fashion industry for being the world’s oldest working model as of the Spring/Summer 2012 season.

She was on the cover of Vogue at the age of 15 and has been modeling ever since. Her daily motto is to enjoy herself, at no-one else’s expense.

Dell’Orefice was born in New York City to parents of Italian and Hungarian descent.

Her parents had an unstable relationship characterized by frequent break ups and reconciliations. Dell’Orefice lived in foster homes or with other relatives during her parents’ clashes.

Carmen Dell’orefice net worth 2022

Carmen Dell’orefice is an American supermodel and actress who has a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2022.

Carmen Dell’orefice career

She was invited to model when she was 13 years old by the photographer’s wife as she boarded a bus to her dance class. According to Dell’Orefice, her test photographs from Jones Beach were a “flop.”

In 1946, her godfather introduced her to Vogue, and the 15-year-old signed a modeling contract for $7.50 per hour. Erwin Blumenfeld, who captured her on her debut Vogue cover in 1946, grew to regard her as one of his favorite models.

She can be seen in the New York Vol. 15 of US Vogue from December 15, 1946, 108, Iss. 11, together with model Dorian Leigh and actors Ray Bolger and Jose Ferrer, as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella.

Dell’Orefice and her mother had financial difficulties, and the money she earned from modeling was insufficient to support the family. Due to the lack of a phone, Vogue had to send runners to Dell’Orefice’s flat to inform them about modeling opportunities.

To save money on transport fares, she rollerbladed to work. Famous fashion photographers Horst P. Horst and Cecil Beaton had to pin back garments and pack the contours with tissue since she was so emaciated .

Dell’Orefice and her mother were skilled seamstresses who sold their clothing to earn extra cash. One of their clients was Dorian Leigh. Later, Dell’Orefice and model Suzy Parker, the younger sister of Leigh, became close friends. They served as Leigh’s bridesmaids for her second marriage to Roger W. Mehle in 1948.

The hourly salary for Dell’Orefice was increased to $10–$25 in 1947. She was one of the youngest Vogue cover models when she appeared on the magazine’s October 1947 cover at age 16. She also appeared on the magazine’s November 1948 cover.

She collaborated with some of the most well-known fashion photographers of the day, including Richard Avedon, Norman Parkinson, Gleb Derujinsky, Irving Penn, and Francesco Scavullo. For Harper’s Bazaar in 1960, Melvin Sokolsky photographed Dell’Orefice. The photograph, titled Carmen Las Meninas, is a prized piece of art around the world.

Dell’Orefice covers her face with her palm in a classic Vanity Fair lingerie campaign shot by Mark Shaw in a classic Vanity Fair lingerie shot by Mark Shaw.She served as Salvador Dal’s model.


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