Carolyn Franklin was a singer-songwriter. She was known to be the daughter of prominent Detroit preacher and civil rights activist C. L. Franklin and the sister of singer/musician Aretha Franklin.

Franklin died of metastatic breast cancer at Aretha’s Scenic Court home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on April 25, 1988. She was 43 years.

Carolyn Franklin Cause Of Death

Full NameCarolyn Ann Franklin
Cause Of DeathMetastatic Breast Cancer
Carolyn Franklin Cause Of Death

When asked about her cause of death, Carolyn Franklin had no obvious reason. Her family believed it was cancer, and her funeral was held at a church. Her husband, Clarence LaVaughn Franklin, died of advanced pancreatic cancer.

Despite her illness, the musician remained a staunch advocate for civil rights. Her mother, Erma, contacted Marygrove College, where she had studied. Her academic performance earned her a diploma, which she received on her deathbed.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, the singer and songwriter continued to work on her music career during the 1980s. She appeared in the movie “The Blues Brothers” and sang backup vocals on Aretha Franklin’s second album One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.

In 1987, she was a backup vocalist on British singer Paul King’s album Joy. After her death, her family moved to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Despite her illness, Carolyn Franklin was an incredibly active woman in the music industry. She worked as a background singer in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. She was 43 when she died from breast cancer in 1988 at her mother’s home.

Her sister, Jody Flack, later performed as Aretha’s background singer on a gospel album. In 1988, she recorded a song for the family at New Bethel Baptist Church and played backup vocals for Aretha Franklin’s second album One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. In 1987, she also appeared on the British singer Paul King’s Joy.

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