Cassper Accused Of Ruining Amapiano.

Cassper Nyovest is arguably one of the biggest rappers in South Africa but his sudden interest in Amapiano has left a sour taste in many music lovers mouths-especially for the fans of Yanos.

It all started after his latest single featuring Abidoza and the angelic vocals from Boohle, called Siyathandana got released last week.

His latest single Siyathandana is not his first offering in the Amapiano scene.

Even though this single is his first, he has featured in many other Amapiano hits where he raps or sings his verses.

For the recent times, Cassper has been applauded for showing his versatility, however people are saying he is taking things too far by releasing his own singles in the popular genre.

Apart from the many negative comments, the one where a tweep says he ruined the song by being involved in it caught the rapper’s attention.

Lmao Cassper ruined that Siyathandana song imo.” Said by the Tweep.

Cassper also replied back by saying he wrote the song and worked on it with Abidoza so the song is his.

Y’all do know that’s my song right? Like I am not featured on the song, I wrote it. The melody that Boohle is singing was written by me. Like I made the song with Abidoza before Boohle blessed it & took it out the roof. Y’all pretending I asked to be on the song or I bought it. Lol.”

According to Cassper, he is versatile when it comes to music. He said this in one of his previous tweets.

“I dabble with a lot of sounds. Amapiano, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Kwaito, Reggae, Jazz , Rnb , Soul etc. I touch everything…Doesn’t mean I should limit myself. In a time when artists can’t perform, making music is therapeutic. Why not share the music if you want to? He questioned.

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