Cecilia Vega: Biography and Relevant Details about the Emmy Award Winner

Cecilia Vega is an award winning American Journalist who was born in San Francisco, California, U.S. in 1977.

Cecilia Vega works with ABC News as their Senior White House Correspondent.

In her field of journalism, Vega began as a print reporter and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cecilia Vega’s Career in Journalism

Vega started her career writing and reporting for the San Francisco Chronicle, a newspaper in her native town.

She then joined broadcast journalism with KGO-TV, an ABC network affiliate station in San Francisco.

She stayed with the station for three years and her assignments involved covering stories for the region.

Cecilia Vega: Biography and Relevant Details about the Emmy Award Winner
Cecilia Vega

In 2010, she and her team of fellow journalists were awarded an Emmy for their reporting.

On 2nd March, 2015, ABC News named Vega as the new anchor of “World News Tonight Saturday”. She remained an anchor on the program until her naming as a senior Whitehouse Correspondent in January 2017.

As a White House correspondent, Vega has been involved in several exchanges with the president.

Her encounter with him that caught major media attention was back on 1st October, 2018, when US President Donald Trump called on her to ask him questions at a press conference. President Trump however, insulted her as he did not like her questions.

Is Cecilia Vega Married?

YES, Cecilia Vega is Married.

Cecilia Vega is married to a California Highway Patrol officer by the name Ricardo Jiménez.

Ricardo Jimenez husband of Cecilia Vega is a recipient of Meritorious Achievement Award which he earned for his heroic act of rescuing an intoxicated and despondent man from the edge of the Bay Bridge to safety in 2014. The couple lives in Washington.

Cecilia Vega Net Worth

Cecilia Vega is estimated to worth 2 million dollars

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