On March 8, 2019, Cepillin died in his hometown of Mexico City after suffering cardiac arrest. The popular Mexican clown was known as Cepillin and entertained generations of children across Latin America.

His life was characterized by a colorful stage show and his own musical act.

His son Ricardo Gonzalez Jr., who was a fellow performer, spoke out about his father’s illness outside the hospital.

He said that his dad would have liked to reveal more information about his health condition. He noted that the cancer tissue he discovered during surgery had spread throughout his body.

The cause of Cepillin’s death is unknown. His family and friends have issued an official obituary, which will detail the details of his funeral and visitation. In addition, a tribute page will be created for the actor’s fans, which will include photos and videos of the comedian. This page will be updated as new details become available. After the obituary is published, the family will also issue an official funeral service and visitation information.

The cause of Cepillin’s death is unknown, but it is believed to have been caused by pneumonia. His death will likely shock his many fans. The Mexican clown was a popular TV personality in Mexico, and he had many successful films and TV shows. He also had a son and a wife. Sadly, Cepillin will be missed. So, it will be sad to learn of his untimely death.

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