Chandra Nandini on Atinka TV full story

Chandra Nandini on Atinka TV full story and everything you need to know.

The story is about Chandragupta Maurya , the founder of the Mauryan empire, a great warrior and ruler, known for uniting the Indian sub-continent. However, the show focuses on his love story with a princess named Nandni.

The show starts with a voice over of mother India saying about Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini. Suryagupta Maurya and Moora the parents of Chandra have their romance.

An invitation comes from Magadh for a festival. When they go there queen Avantika of Magadh cheating her husband loves a barber named Nanda. When Suryagupta finds it, Nanda kills the king of Magadh.

Then, Nanda kills Suryagupta but Suryagupta saves his wife. She gives birth to a boy. Moora hides her son in a cattle pound and escapes. But, Nanda arrests her and keep her in prison.

However, A woman named Kanika finds Moora’s son in the cattle pound and named him as Chandra and adopted without knowing his real identity.

8 years later

Chandra grows up and lives with his adopted parents.

Moora is still in Nanda’s prison without knowing anything about her son. She vows that her son will kill Nanda. Nanda and Avantika had a daughter named Nandini after 9 sons.

Meanwhile, Chandra leaves home because his adopted mother suffering from her husband because of him. Chandra reaches to Magadh and meets a teacher named Chanakya who tries to save Magadh from Nanda.

Chanakya sees Chandra’s talents and understand that Chandra is the future king who save Magadh from Nanda. Then, he keeps Chandra in his presence and teaches him.

9 years later

Chandra is all grown up and becomes talented more than other students in Chanakya’s presence.

Nanda’s daughter Nandini is also grown up and ready for a marriage. But that marriage is cancelled and Nandini marries Chandra to save her mother and kin.

Love grows between Chandra and Nandini. But many problems are created by malayakutu and Helena. And Nandini’s twin sister Roopa tries to kill Chaaya and pushes her.

Dhurdura sees her doing it and as they didn’t know about Nandini’s twin sister they blame Nandini for it. While exposing Roopa, Nandini and Chandra are married again but this time full pledged.

Chandra and Chanakya use Roopa for catching Nanda and Nandini misunderstands Chandra for trapping her father using Roopa Nandini tried to warn Nanda.

Mistaking her to be Roopa Nanda stabs her. Chandra saves Nandini but Roopa gets killed.

Chanakya gets disturbed seeing the close relation of Chandra and Nandini. Durdhara is now 7 months pregnant and apologies Nandini for her mistake.

Chandra and Nandini try to get intimate but Chanakya disturbs them saying that he should get ready for war against both of his father-in-laws (Nanda and Selucus) as they are planning to attack him together.

Chandra convinces Selucus not to fight against him as his army is not big enough as Selucus.

He decided to make Helena the chief queen and banish Nandini from kingdom as per Helena’s wishes. Helena threatens Durdhara to kill her if she spokes against her. Durdhara became sick.

Helena informs Chandra and Nandini about Durdhara’s condition and they both go back to Magadh to see her.

Helena mixed poison in Durdhara’s food and she becomes more sick eventually. Chandra and Nandini see Durdhara and become worried.

At last Durdhara dies. When she was asked about her death at her last time she mistakenly pointed at Nandini while pointing at Helena.

Everyone becomes shocked at Durdhara’s response. Helena provokes Chandra against Nandini and tells him to banish, Nandini out of Magadh. Nandini later came back for revenge and that was the coming.


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