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Check Out Our Top 135 Aztec Names With Meaning (Boys / Girls)

Want to find out some cool Aztec Names? we present to you more than 100 cool, and deep-meaning names belonging to the Aztec that you may use to name your child!

Because the Aztecs revered numerous gods, naming male offspring after them was a tradition that was followed to the letter. Like Mayan boy names, many Aztec names were taken from nature. Because the majority of the soldiers at the time were male, most boys were named after a warrior from one of the factions. Ladies were also

If you’re looking for attractive Aztec names and have questioned yourself, “What is a suitable name for a warrior?” you’ve come to the correct spot.

Now, let’s check out the top 135 Aztec names with their meanings!

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List of Our Top 135 Aztec names With Meaning

Check Out Our Top 135 Aztec Names With Meaning
  1. Acamapichtli, one of the Aztec names meaning “the one with a leader’s spirit”.
  2. Acuecucyoticihuati: the goddess of the ocean
  3. Ahuic: goddess of running water in rivers, streams, and waves
  4. Ahuiliztli, a name meaning “happiness”, “joy”, and “the bringer of happiness and joy”.
  5. Apozanolotl: goddess of purity
  6. Atlacamani: goddess of storms
  7. Atlacoya: goddess of drought
  8. Atlatonin: the mother-goddess
  9. Ayauhteotl: the goddess of haze and mist
  10. Chalmecacihuilt: goddess of the underworld
  11. Chicahua, a name meaning “powerful and strong man”.
  12. Chicahua: strong.
  13. Chiconahui: the hearth-goddess
  14. Chimalli, a name that means “shield”.
  15. Chimalli: shield
  16. Chimalma: a shield-bearer
  17. Chimalpopoca, a name meaning “a smoking shield”.
  18. Cipac, a name meaning “crocodile”.
  19. Cipactli, another name meaning “crocodile”.
  20. Citlalmina, a Nahuatl name that means “meteorite” and “arrow star”.
  21. Coatl, a name meaning “serpent”.
  22. Coaxoch, a Nahuatl name that means “serpent flower”.
  23. Coszcatl, a Nahuatl word meaning “jewel”.
  24. Coyotl, a name meaning “coyote”.
  25. Cozahtli, a name meaning “weasel”.
  26. Cozamalotl, a Nahuatl name that means “rainbow”.
  27. Cuauhtemoc, a name that means “falling eagle”.
  28. Cuauhtl, a name meaning “eagle”.
  29. Cuetlachtli, a name meaning “wolf”.
  30. Cuetzpalli, a name meaning “lizard”.
  31. Cuicatl, a Nahuatl name that means “song”.
  32. Cuixtli, a name meaning “kite”.
  33. Ehecatl, a name meaning “the wind serpent”.
  34. Eloxochitl, a Nahuatl word meaning “the magnolia flower”.
  35. Guatemoc: the falling eagle
  36. Huitzili, a name meaning “hummingbird”.
  37. Huitzilihuitl, a name meaning “hummingbird”, “a hummingbird’s feather”, and “a hummingbird’s pen”.
  38. Huitztecol, a name meaning “dark brown”.
  39. Huixtocihuatl: the fertility goddess
  40. Iccauhtli, a name meaning “the younger brother”.
  41. Ichtaca, a Nahuatl name meaning “secret”.
  42. Icnoyotl, a Nahuatl word meaning “friendship.”
  43. Ihuicatl, a Nahuatl name meaning “sky”.
  44. Ilamatecuhtli: fertility and death goddess
  45. Ilhicamina: he who shoots arrows at the sky
  46. Ilhikamina, which was the name of an iconic Mexican king, also means “the one who shoots arrows towards the sky”.
  47. Ilhuitl, a Nahuatl name meaning “day”.
  48. Itotia, a Nahuatl name meaning “dance”.
  49. Itzcuin, a name meaning “one who runs like a dog”.
  50. Itzcuintli, a name meaning “dog”.
  51. Itzel, a Nahuatl name that means “rainbow lady”.
  52. Itztli, a name that means “obsidian”.
  53. Iuitl, a Nahuatl word meaning “feather”.
  54. Ixcatzin, a Nahuatl name that means “like cotton”.
  55. Ixchel, the name of a Nahuatl Goddess of medicine, moon, and earth.
  56. Izel, a Nahuatl name meaning “one of a kind” and “unique”.
  57. Mahuizoh, a Nahuatl name meaning “a glorious person”.
  58. Malinalxochitl, a Nahuatl name meaning “the grass flower”.
  59. Matlaihhuitl, a name meaning “purple feather”.
  60. Matlal, a name meaning “net” and “dark green”.
  61. Matlalhuitl, a name meaning “blue-green feather”.
  62. Mazatl, a name meaning “deer”.
  63. Mecati, a Nahuatl name meaning “lineage”.
  64. Metztli: goddess of night
  65. Meztli, meaning “the one whose beauty compares to that of the moon”.
  66. Mictlantecuthli, a name meaning “lord of Mictian”.
  67. Milintica, a name meaning “fire” or “he is waving”.
  68. Miyaoaxochitl, a Nahuatl word meaning “maize tassel flower”.
  69. Mizquixahual, a Nahuatl name meaning “face paint”.
  70. Miztli, a name meaning “mountain lion”.
  71. Moctezuma, a name meaning “someone lovable and kind”.
  72. Momoztli, a Nahuatl name meaning “the altar”.
  73. Montezuma: the last ruler of Aztec
  74. Moyolehuani, a Nahuatl name meaning “the one who’s enamored”.
  75. Namacuix, a name meaning “king”.
  76. Namacuix: An Aztec name meaning king
  77. Necahual, a Nahuatl name that means “survivor” and “left behind”.
  78. Necahual: survivor Ohtli: a champion
  79. Necalli, a name meaning “contest”, “competition”, “fight”.
  80. Necalli: Baby-names meaning battle.
  81. Necuametl, a name meaning “king”.
  82. Nenetl, a Nahuatl name that means “doll”.
  83. Nezahualpilli, a name meaning “a prince who fasts”.
  84. Nochehuatl, a name that means “consistent”.
  85. Nopaltzin, a name meaning “cactus”.
  86. Noxochicoztli, a Nahuatl word that means “my necklace of flowers”.
  87. Ocelotl, a name meaning “jaguar”.
  88. Ocuil, a name meaning “worm”.
  89. Ohtli: champion
  90. Olli, a name “rubber”.
  91. Ollin, a name meaning “changing something’s location”.
  92. Omacatl, a name meaning “creator God” or “the double-gendered deity”.
  93. Ozomatli, a name meaning “monkey”.
  94. Papan, a Nahuatl name meaning “flag”.
  95. Quauhtli, a name meaning “eagle”.
  96. Quetzalcoatl, “feathered serpent”.
  97. Quetzalxochitl, a Nahuatl name meaning “precious flower”.
  98. Sacnite, a Nahuatl name that means “white flower”.
  99. Tapayaxi, a name meaning “toad”.
  100. Tecolotl, a name meaning “horned owl”.
  101. Teichuih, a Nahuatl name meaning “younger sister”.
  102. Tenoch, a name that means “prickly pear cactus”.
  103. Tepiltzin, a name meaning “the privileged son”.
  104. Tepin, a Nahuatl name meaning “the little one”.
  105. Teuhcatl, a name meaning “dust person”.
  106. Teuicui, a Nahuatl name also meaning “younger sister”.
  107. Teyacapan, a Nahuatl name meaning “firstborn daughter”.
  108. Tezcacoatl, a name meaning “king” and “reflecting serpent”.
  109. Tizoc, who was an ancient ruler of the Aztecs.
  110. Tizocicatzin, who was an ancient Aztec king.
  111. Tlacaelel, a name meaning “diligent man”.
  112. Tlacelel, a name meaning “the greatest among all male heroes”.
  113. Tlacelel: the greatest of our war heroes
  114. Tlaco, a Nahuatl name meaning “middle-born daughter”.
  115. Tlalli, a name meaning “earth”.
  116. Tlaloc, an Aztec name that means “of the earth”.
  117. Tlaloc: the Aztec god of rain. The name means ‘of the earth’
  118. Tlanextic, a name that means “dawn’s light”.
  119. Tlazohtlaloni, a name that means “loved one”.
  120. Tlazopilli, a name that means “precious noble”.
  121. Tlilpotonqui, a name that means “black-feathered”.
  122. Tochtli, a name meaning “rabbit”.
  123. Tonantzin: mother earth
  124. Tonauac, a name that means “the one who has light”.
  125. Tototl, a name meaning “bird”.
  126. Tozi: the goddess of healing and sweet water
  127. Tupack: warrior
  128. Tupoc: warrior (spelling variation of Tupack)
  129. Ueman, a name that means “venerable time”.
  130. Uetzcayotl, a name that means “light’s essence”.
  131. Xicohtencatl, a name that means “angry bumblebee”.
  132. Xicohtencatl: angry bumblebee (the name signifies bravery on the battlefield)
  133. Xilonen: the goddess of maize/corn
  134. Xitllali: the goddess of the moon
  135. Xiuhcoatl: a weapon of destruction
  136. Yaotl: soldier
  137. Yaotl: soldier/warrior
  138. Yaotyl: rival
Check Out Our Top 135 Aztec Names With Meaning

Check Out Our Top 135 Aztec Names With Meaning (Boys / Girls)

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