Clarissa Saunders was the mother of Raven Saunders. Raven is a gold medal-winning shot putter.

Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death

Full NameJessica Walter
Cause Of DeathUnknown
Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death

Raven Saunders, a gold medal-winning shot putter, died on Tuesday. Her mother, Clarissa Saunders, had died on the plane from Orlando to Tokyo. The two had been traveling to attend the Tokyo Olympics watch party.

The family was elated when they discovered that their daughter had won silver in the shot put. After learning about her mother’s death, Raven spoke to a crowd of fans and expressed her grief.

The cause of Clarissa Saunders’s death is not yet known. Her death is being treated as a suicide, but there is no other cause of death. Her mother’s cause of passing is unknown. Her daughter Raven, who is an Olympic shot putter, was attending the viewing party.

It is not known if she had a romantic relationship with her coach Herbert Johnson, although her Facebook page revealed that they were in a relationship.

Her mother was shocked to learn that her daughter, Olympic athlete Raven Saunders, had died. It is not known how she passed away, but Herbert Johnson confirmed that she had a stroke. Her death has left many people in shock.

The eulogy was released on Monday, which is not surprising considering the family’s recent loss. A statement released by her daughter’s mother said that she had received a life insurance policy.

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