Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya to storm Ghana and meet with dignitaries over the ECOWAS sanctions – Sources say

According to a source with knowledge of the information, in the foreign ministry in Guinea, President Mamadi is bound to visit Ghana following the inconclusive visit of his high-ranking officials to Accra on Wednesday.

The source says ECOWAS heads demands the presence of Mamadi Doumbouya himself for President to President talk.

According to him, the head of the Guinea delegation could not achieve anything meaningful from the current chairman of the sub-regional grouping, because of the absence of the coup leader, Mamadi Doumbouya.

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Diplomatic sources did not tell us when exactly Mamadi Doumbouya is expected to arrive in Ghana; however, our contacts in Guinea are still following the development.

Initially Guinea’s junta authority had published transition charter that summarizes the missions and duties of the transitional regime. This agreement excludes any followers of the junta from partaking in elections, and coup leader Lt. Col. Mamady Doumbouya will stay in position as the interim president.

The administration will be led by a civilian prime minister and a National Transitional Council will perform as the country’s parliament which is comprised of 81 members ranging from political groups to youth leaders.

The committee must also have at least 30% women among its members. Upon completion, it will then dictate the period of the transition.


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