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Comedian Funnyface roams the streets due to depression -video drops.

Nana Yaw Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face, has been trending this year for all the wrong reasons. His marriage with his first wife was nothing to write home about. Allegations about him being a “one-minute” man with infertility issues was the gravest of all.

Funny Face met a new woman who finally gave him twins he named Ella and Bella. Rumors of his infertility became an issue of the past as he celebrated fatherhood with pride and joy. This new-found joy has been short-lived when he and his baby mama started having series of fights which led to him ranting on social media.

The comedian whose work was to entertain people and enlighten their mood was incapable of doing the same for himself. He plunged into a state of depression due to the crisis between him and his baby mama and more especially when she left his house with the twins.

He had a total breakdown which led him to be in special therapeutic care for a long period. During this time, his baby mama had given birth to another baby girl for him. The was a lot of mess created with words and deeds till a few months ago when everything seemed calm.

Out of nowhere, FunnyFace seems to have been hit by another storm of depression which according to him is caused by his baby mama. He used words like wicked to describe her. He went on to say that he married a cobra as a woman.

He has been advised by fans and friends to take a paternity test to ascertain whether the children are his.He has taken to Instagram to pour out his lamentations and woes of depression which according to him, is happening for the 7th time.

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