Complete Jacob morgan jail Story

Jacob Matt Morgan is a teenage killer who was initially charged with murder but pleaded guilty on 26 October 2021. Jacob was only 17 years old when he set his home on fire and willfully killed his 14-month-old brother Joshua Alexander Hill. He is accused of involuntary manslaughter, unlawful conduct toward a child, and third-degree arson.

According to the court, he has set two fires, left the residence, and left his little brother to die inside. The Morgan family is from Rock Hill, South Carolina, where the incident happened, But Morgan has not given formal statements about how the fire started. First, He stated he accidentally threw a pillow near a pillow, but later he lit a pillow on fire and threw it in the air, but the authorities believe of two sets of fires, one in a living room and next in the master bedroom where the baby was sleeping.

How Did Jacob Matt Morgan End Up In Jail?

He has been charged for the killing of his little brother, for which he would be sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Jacob is mentally ill, his mother, Julie Hill, wants his son freed and stated that her heart says he was innocent because he loved his little brother and enjoyed playing with him. She also argued that her son has developmental issues and struggles to read and write.

Complete Jacob morgan jail Story
Jacob Matt Morgan

What Exactly Did Jacob Matt Morgan Do?

Jacob Matt Morgan, who came out as a mental health patient, killed his younger brother by setting fire to their residence and leaving his little brother, intentionally, who was only 14-months-old to die inside in the burning home. His parents told authorities that he was on the autism spectrum.

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How Old Is Jacob Matt Morgan Now?

Jacob Matt Morgan who committed this gruesome act in 2015 is now 23 years old


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