Couple with two children discover they are siblings 10 years of marriage

Everyday on the internet, there is always going to be that “woow” story or “how did it happen” story.

One of those strange stories to have rocked the internet is two siblings marrying each other for a decade without knowing raising the curtain over an incest story.

The newest shock on social media is a curious case of incest. A distraught husband and wife have found out that they were brother and sister after ten years of marriage and two children.

The unfortunate couple shared the devastating news in a TikTok video. The man revealed that they dated for three years before getting married in 2011.

“I met this lady in 2008. We got married in 2011. We had our first child in 2011. We had our second child in 2015. We’ve been married for ten years. We’ve been together for thirteen years. We just recently found out we were brother and sister.”

But they did not disclose how they came by the revelation that they are related by blood.

The video have gone viral with people sharing divided views about what should be their next line of action.

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