Dana Bash is an American journalist who works as CNN’s top political reporter. She is also a news anchor and chief political correspondent for CNN.

While studying political communications at George Washington University, Bash interned at NBC, CBS, and CNN.

She joined CNN as a producer of weekend shows such as Inside Politics and Late Edition after graduating with honors.

Who Is Dana Bash’s Husband Now?

Dana Bash is not married at the moment. After her last divorce in 2012, Dana has not been married since.

Is Dana Bash In A Relationship?

Yes, according to FreshersLive, Dana has been in a relationship over the past eight years. Dana is reportedly in a relationship with h Spencer Garrett.

According to the report, Dana and Spencer met in 2013 where they began their friendship before taking it to the next level. The pair has however decided to keep things away from the public.

How Many Times Has dana Bash Been Married?

Dana Bash has been married twice. She was first married from 1998 to 2007. Her second marriage was from  2008 to 2012.

Who Was Dana Bash’s First Husband?

Dana’s first marriage was with Jeremy Bash in 1998. The pair were married for nine years.

Jeremy Bash is an American lawyer. He was the chief of staff at the Central Intelligence Agency (2009–2011) and the U.S. Department of Defense (2011–2013) under President Barack Obama.

The reason for their divorces is not known.

Who Is Dana Bash’s Second Husband?

In 2008, Dana married her second husband, John King. The couple was married for only four years and had a son together.

Their divorce was finalized in 2012. Irreconcilable difference was cited as the reason behind the marriage.

Are John King and Dana Bash Still Friends?

it is not known the kind of relationship that exist between John King and Dana Bash at the moment. They both went their way after their separation. It is not known if they are still friends or not.

Dana Bash Children

Dana Bash has only one child, a son called Jonah Frank King. John was born in 2011.


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