Residents of Klawer, with the help of social activists from throughout the province, are planning a large demonstration outside the Klawer Magistrate’s Court during the appearance of murder suspect Daniel Smit.

Who is Daniel Smit Klawer?

Daniel Smit Klawer, 57, is the man accused of murdering 13-year-old Jerobejin van Wyk, whose mutilated body was recovered in a gutter at his home by police days after the kid vanished while collecting mangoes on his property.

“When I heard the tragic story of little Jerobejin, I immediately made my way to Klawer to offer my support and assistance to not only the family but the community as a whole.

“When I arrived in Klawer, I remember meeting with the local councillor, Mr Koopman, and local businessman, Mr Moorrees Smith. They explained to me about the poor service delivery by police in Klawer and the lack of manpower and incompetent station management and crime, which increased.”

Sauls said authorities in Klawer recently recorded four murders in the space of a month, which is shocking for a small quiet town like Klawer.

“So we decided to host a demonstration during the accused’s appearance to show our stance against what he did and what he stands for.

“This demonstration for us is a step forward in a battle against rampant crime in Klawer and against gender-based violence.

“We want the case to end up in the high court and for it to be attended to urgently. There is no reason why it has to drag out. We want victims, relatives and the community at large to know that we are standing up for them and with them,” Sauls said.

Cape Town-based social activist Roegshanda Pascoe said she will also be attending and participating in the demonstration in Klawer, speaking out in support of Jerobejin’s loved ones, against the violence he suffered.

“As communities, despite being based in different locations across the province, I feel that we have to stand together in support of our rural towns currently battling such heinous crimes.”

Social activist and Rural and Farmworkers Development Organisation director Billy Claasen will also be attending Smit’s appearance in the Klawer court.

Who is Daniel Smit Klawer wife?

There’s no information about Daniel Smit Klawer’s wife.

Daniel Smit Klawer' wife, age, occult, family, house, murder case
The woman in this photo is alleged to be Daniel Smit Klawer’s wife but that is not yet confirmed. Her name is also not yer available currently.

Daniel Smit Klawer’ occult

Daniel Smit Klawer reportedly confessed of being an occult member during his murder trial of 13-year-old Jerobejin van Wyk.

The name of his occult group is currently not known.

Daniel Smit Klawer family

Nothing is currently known about the family of Daniel Smit Klawer.

Daniel Smit Klawer House.

Daniel Smit Klawer' wife, age, occult, family, house, murder case
Daniel Smit Klawer' wife, age, occult, family, house, murder case

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