David Draper was an American bodybuilder, actor, and author. He passed away on November 30, 2021, in Aptos, California.

Dave Draper Cause Of Death

Full NameDavid Draper
Cause Of DeathCongestive Heart Failure
Dave Draper Cause Of Death

While he was very popular, his cause of death has not been determined. Here is what we know about him. This article will tell you what his last words were.

Afterward, we’ll look at his causes of death and why he died. Read on to learn more. We’ve put together a list of reasons why Draper died.

In addition to his career, Dave Draper was also a father and author. He was born in 1942. He was not a star in team sports, but instead, he excelled in personal workouts.

At the age of 10, he got his first set of weights and started working out with barbells. He won the title of Mr. New Jersey, which he held until his death at the age of 21.

David Paul Draper was a bodybuilder and a fan of steroids and alcohol. His death came as a shock, and fans are mourning his passing.

His wife Laree, an actress and a publishing company owner has spoken of Dave’s depression and alcoholism and has shared many fond memories. The cause of death is currently unknown, but it’s a mystery.

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