Since May 2022, David Littleproud has been the head of the National Party and deputy leader of the opposition in Australia. He has represented the Queensland seat of Maranoa since the 2016 federal election and served in the Turnbull and Morrison governments as a cabinet minister.

Littleproud was born and raised in Chinchilla, Queensland, as the son of a former state government minister. Before entering politics, he worked as an agriculture banker for NAB and Suncorp. In 2016, he was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time.

The following year, Littleproud was appointed to the cabinet, serving as Ministers for Agriculture and Water Resources (2017–2019), Water Resources, Drought, Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management (2019–2020), Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management (2020–2021), and Agriculture and Northern Australia (2021–2022).

Under Michael McCormack, he was elected deputy leader of the Nationals in February 2020. He kept his job under Barnaby Joyce, and after the Coalition’s defeat in the 2022 election, he successfully challenged Joyce for the leadership.

Littleproud was born in the Queensland town of Chinchilla. His grandfather, George Littleproud, was a member of the Chinchilla Shire Council, and his father, Brian Littleproud, was a member of the state Nationals and a government minister. He went to Toowoomba Grammar School and Chinchilla State High School. He was one of just two members of the national cabinet with no tertiary education as of 2019.

Before entering politics, Littleproud worked as an agriculture banker. He worked for the National Australia Bank (NAB) for 17 years, including 12 years as a district manager in Warwick, Queensland (agribusiness and commercial). In 2011, he became executive manager (business and agribusiness banking) for Suncorp in South West Queensland. Mr Rental Southern Downs, a rent-to-buy company with four employees, was Littleproud’s business as of 2018.

Who is David Littleproud’s partner?

Anabelle Douglas is said to be David Littleproud’s partner. 

Littleproud has three children. He and his wife Sarah announced their separation in 2019, ending a 20-year marriage.

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